From Sunrise to Sunset – A Day in the Life of Us: Joelle & Jake


Joelle & Jake’s shoot was described to me as “intimate, organic and unique” by their photographer Anna Jones and I really couldn’t say it any better. Somewhere between a boudoir, a day in the life and a wedding portrait shoot, these images that took my breath away as soon as I saw them. Perfectly honest and stunningly peaceful. They are just utterly, utterly beautiful and everything a couple shoot should be.


Anna explains, “Joelle contacted me last summer. She was planning a vow renewal ceremony with her husband Jake to celebrate their first year of marriage together. She wanted me to do a shoot for them that would be intimate, organic, and unique. Sometime that would capture them as they really were from sunrise to sunset that day. And that’s what we did.”


“I loved everything about it – them waking up, getting ready, grabbing some lunch, heading to vow renewal location, and then back to their rooftop for hot chocolate and moonrise. We even took some shots of them in their Halloween costumes as the shoot fell on that Saturday. I was thrilled that Joelle & Jake trusted me to capture these moments and even more thrilled with the end result. The photographs only reiterate my belief that people and emotions are the most important thing involved in telling a good & genuine story.  Moments in life are fleeting, and I am in love with the story we told of this day.”


Speechless. I just adore these. It’s something I’d love to do with Gareth one day. How about you?


Thank you to Joelle, Jake & Anna for sharing these with us today.



  1. Lara H

    beautiful photos, but perhaps a little bit too intimate (and by that I don’t mean rude or erotic) for the rest of the world to see

  2. LOVE! What a cute couple. The bed/bath set of images are super cute. I did a shoot like that recently and I love how intimate and lovely the images are from that sort of thing. Then the gorgeous shots from the vow renewal through into the evening too. Fab. Definitely a fan of this type of “day in the life” photography. 🙂

  3. loved sharing their intimacy – really made me ‘feel’ more than see. which I suppose is the ultimate goal in anything visual – the transition from merely seeing to actually ‘feeling’ it. big fat X

  4. This is an amazing photoshoot. They are so beautiful and we can litterally feel their love. I love this! (and also i would love being so gorgeous when i wake up)

  5. Jaw on floor… LOVE this way of story telling/documentary photography. Helps that the couple are insanely good looking. Don’t think I’d like my buffalo wings shown so intimately but such a beautiful way to capture a relationship and look back when your wrinkled with fulfilment!

  6. OH. MY. GOD. These images and the rest on Anna’s site are just beautiful, capturing those behind the scenes moments in such a tender way. Totally inspiring and an honest documentation of love at it’s most intimate! ***LOVE THEM***

  7. I absolutely love everything about this. The images are gorgeous, I love how soft and atmospheric they are. And the concept is so perfect for an anniversary shoot. Sometimes simple is all you need and what could be more beautifully simple than our daily life… Love love love

    Charlie x

  8. How beautiful and intimate. These are probably some of my favorite couple’s session photos I’ve seen in a long time. I feel like a fly on the wall peeking in on a great love story.

  9. Jess Sonderegger

    This is simply outstanding. Not one thing I don’t like – just had to say something. Thank you for sharing.

  10. chloe

    Wowzers! Absolutely beautiful… the couple, the shots, the photography… wow. You can really see how in love they are. Thanks for sharing.

  11. sooooo inspiring! what a beautiful couple….such a cool thing to keep forever..the real relationship rather than the posed stuff! amazing


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