Rock n Roll Ink

April 6, 2010

Oh how I love these!! I mean what’s not to love? As photographer Paulus explains “Paula is a sentimental, fashionable, crazy gothic lolita girl and Teddy is an easy going, noodle maniac, graphic master, straight to the point guy. They both came up with this amazing concept. Both of them are tattoo lovers, so they decided to shoot their photos at Rock n Roll Tattoo. They got their vows inked on their arms.”

Yeah so these guys are pretty much perfectofor Rock n Roll Bride aren’t they? And quite apart from the tattoo awesomeness, how INCREDIBLE are these portraits?!

On another, slightly ‘me’ orientated (but relevant) note, I am taking the plunge and finally making steps to getting to getting the half sleeve I have been pondering, swooning and procrastinating over for months now. The usual reasons – money, doubts, design musings and switchings – have all halted my plans for a while but I am seriously finally gonna just do it already! I found an amazing artist (or rather he found me) who is currently sketching ideas for me so woop woop I’m excited. New ink New ink!

Anyway…back to this post! Thanks to all the guys at Axioo for sharing this amazing wedding/tattoo sesh with me today

Credit: Axioo