Young, Broke and in Love

Shannon & Jayson could only afford to book their photographer to shoot an hour of their wedding but they certainly made the most of it!

The couple pulled together their retro, 1950s vibe with very little money. Shannon wore a dress and pink petticoat that she found in a vintage boutique and the coolest thing ever? Their rings were from an arcade. Oh how cute. These two are clearly young, broke¬†and in love…In fact Alley told me that you’d be more likely to catch this pair at a protest for something they believe in then at the mall.¬†Someone should make a movie about them or something.


Thanks to Alley for sharing these

Credit: Alley Kat Photography


  1. Love is hard to find these days…so I’m very happy for both of them.Love the retro look guys!You both have great style!!!

  2. this is a real wedding – it’s about love and commitment, not spending loads of cash. Congrats guys, may your life together be long and as always as happy as that brilliant day…


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