Gothic, Fancy Dress, Halloween Wedding

March 22, 2010

I have been dreaming about blogging this wedding since October when photographer Caroline of the wonderful  Tinywater emailed me to let me know she was off to shoot a Halloween, fancy-dress gothic themed wedding…and even before shooting the wedding, she knew I was going to love it. Well judging by the number of photographs I’m including in this post you could say she was pretty much bang on! I was lucky enough to have Rachel, the bride get in contact with me to share all the glorious details!

“Our wedding was on Halloween, 2009 in our backyard. Tom and I share a deep love for the day – actually it’s our all time favorite day of the year and Autumn is our favorite time of year, so it was easy to pick the date. However, I’m a designer by trade, so we didn’t want a cheesy Halloween Wedding filled with cheap plastic decorations. Our colors were black, red and silver with skulls and flames as an undertone. We cut out things we didn’t like, including most vendors – no caterer, no flowers, etc. Almost the entire wedding, except the cake, photography, the bridal party outfits and part of Tom’s outfit, were DIY. The cake came from Glass Slipper Gourmet in Concord, CA and the kilts were from Utilikilts. A close friend was our officiant. I made my dress, Tom’s vest and jacket, my stepson’s kilt, and my mom’s dress and we did all the decorations, invitations, food (props to my brother-in-law for roasting the pig and BBQ’ng the chicken), programs and music. Tom used to be a frontman for a Heavy Metal Band so the music was important. How many weddings play Pantera during dinner?
We couldn’t have done it without our friends and family though. They rocked our socks off.”

Thanks to Rachel & Tom for sharing their day and to Caroline & Dan of  Tinywater for thinking of me when they shot this amazing wedding! (ps get well soon Dan – my thoughts are with you all – big love)