Quirky & Stunning, British Wedding

Forgive me, but I literally almost wet myself when I saw these shots from the hottest, newest photographer on the block, Emma Case – and can you believe it, this is only her first official ‘Emma Case wedding’! (I’ve featured a wedding she shot for a friend before she decided to pursue it full time.) I got a very excitable email from the lady herself this morning and I couldn’t wait to get home to share these right away.

“Well, here it is, my very first, official, didn’t know the couple before, professional, as ‘Emma Case Photography’ wedding!” She began.
“Christie contacted me back in November and straight away I knew just how ace she was. Not only did she mention fake moustaches and knee-sliding as part of the wedding plan but she was funny and honest and completely on my wavelength. We emailed back and forth in a ‘know each other already’ type of way and by the time me and Pete were driving up to Devon on the 30th January I was a little nervous but so excited to finally meet her (we didn’t get the chance beforehand) and her soon to be husband… the Berninator!
The wedding was held at the most amazing Huntsham Court… oh man the bathroom in the bridal suite was AMAZING, oh and the library… and the… well you can see for yourselves, the whole house is stunning!


The ceremony (that I wasn’t allowed to photograph.. grumble, grumble) was beautiful with a really heartfelt speech from both Christie and Bernie’s sisters (I’m gonna have to man up in this profession as I could feel myself going) and then food was served followed by a wonderfully proud speech from the Father of the Bride and a particularly funny song by the Best Man and his guitar!
Instead of a wedding cake they had a ‘pig’nata (pinata) and for the evening entertainment ‘Gabby Young & Other Animals’ played their socks off (you need to check this band out) and EVERYONE was dancing! Finish it all off with about 3 hours of The Photo Booth which had me literally in pain through laughing too much and you have all the ingredients for one hot wedding.”

Thanks to the lovely Emma for sharing these, and I KNOW we’ll be seeing a lot more greatness from this girlie (and I can’t wait to finally meet her soon!)

Credit: Emma Case Photography 


  1. kelly shaw

    So cool, our venue has a big stone fireplace, and we plan to hang a buck that belonged to my fi’s neighbor, like a grandfather, who passed. I totally pictured it with some vintage art vases and that moss! Now that I’ve seen this the vision is so clear, and i can check the fireplace decor off my list! Lol

  2. Christie

    Apart from being thoroughly overexcited that our funny little chops have made it onto Rock ‘n Roll Bride, I would really like let everyone know that Emma was nothing short of absolutely wonderful from our very first email right through to… well, ongoing!! I don’t need to tell you how talented she is but Emma’s also totally professional and extremely lovely to boot. Bernie and I are both chuffed to bits.

  3. Elizabeth

    I love these!! Emma, you’ve got real skills. And, I might add, a calling. Keep doing this!

  4. RossandBex

    Wow! Gorgeous bride, groom and location captured with such warmth by the fabulous Miss Case! Thanks Kat for helping us find Emma and for featuring her amazing photos, we booked her to shoot our September wedding having seen her amazing shots of Ruth’s wedding in this blog a few months ago. Randomly enough I ended up getting my dress in the same store as Ruth. Yay Team Rock N Roll Bride!


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