Hannah & Ali’s Quirky, Art Deco and Too-Damn-Freakin’-Cool British Wedding

Do you remember Hannah & Ali’s awesome ‘at home’ engagement shoot complete with their awesome kitty cat? Well I was over the moon to receive an email full to bursting with their quirky, art deco, vintagey wedding goodness from their photographer Steve Gerrard just the other day. I am loving Hannah’s Jenny Packham dress and headband (le swoon indeed) and the bridesmaids look just too damn cool for school in their All Saints dresses.

Their wedding took place just before Christmas at The Daffodil in Cheltenham, a fantastic converted 1920’s Art Deco picture house Steve tells us, The vintage theme continued throughout the wedding and I have to say I wish more couples would go down this route. I think it’s so cool and stylish. Hannah and Ali both looked amazing, but their guests also made a huge effort and win the award for best dressed guests ever!


Yep this is defiantly one of the coolest UK weddings I’ve seen in a while (well…a few days maybe – I get sent a HELL lot of cool weddings!) Thanks to the wonderful Steve for sharing with us.

Credit: Steve Gerrard Photography


  1. Az

    Great set of images, love the film noir look too.

    Even more impressive is how you find time to shoot weddings and play football 😉

  2. Post author

    haha knowing or caring nothing about football means i didn’t even think of the football reference myself

  3. rachel

    Sorry, in my excitement I forgot to say how blummin beautiful this wedding is! Great pictures

  4. Isn’t the groom the guy from that channel 4 programme about unsigned acts?

    Beautiful wedding, wish I’d been invited!


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