Brighton Belles

January 8, 2010

Ooh two fabulous UK weddings in one day – I love it when that happens. Photographer Julia Boggio told me all about the super stylish and super fun wedding of Andrew & Lisa

Andrew and Lisa got married in Brighton in October on a very sunny day at the Hotel Du Vin. The hotel held special significance for the bride because, when it was a pub many years ago, her grandparents used to leave her father as a boy sitting outside with a Coke and some chips to keep him busy while they had a pint with their mates. Thus the picture of her dad with the chips and the Coke! Good photography was extremely important to Andrew and Lisa, who is a graphic designer. Having seen some of my previous work, they had some ideas about stuff they’d like to do; for example, with one of my previous couples, I got them to stand in a shop window. Lisa and Andrew liked this so much that they asked a nearby shop if they could do the same thing. The image of them sitting in the bathtub in the Fired Earth window was the result.  Also, for the group shot, they brought loads of props along so we could head down to the beach for some fun. His father cagily told us he would meet us down on the beach and disappeared for a bit. He found us fifteen minutes later, having changed into typical British beach-going wear, complete with hanky tied over his head. Everything about this wedding was great fun!


Thanks to Julia for sharing this funky, British wedding with us today

Credit: Julia Boggio Photography


  1. Ashley

    Brilliant and beautiful. We live in Southend and if we could have got married on the Pier when we had our civil partnership 2 years ago it would have been great. I saw Ocean Beach all dressed up for this wedding and you all partying too; I live very close by. It looked fantastic and you all looked like you were having a wonderful time. 😀 Oh dear. I sound really nosey now; wandering along the seafront to the offy peeking in at other people’s weddings! :-/

  2. Ashlee

    What a beautiful wedding! And local to us too 🙂 I’m dying over the fur shrug, have been after something similar to wear with my dress and having no luck 🙁

  3. Aw love this! I live in Southend and have walked the pier many a time! Fantastic location for a wedding and love all the handmade touches. Congratulations to you both! Will also have to look out for Latham Street Vintage, love a bit of vintage shopping 🙂

  4. Pooja Sharma

    I was a guest at this fabulous and unique wedding. Everything was just so beautiful and timeless and mirrored Dave and Lorna’s personalities – these pair are true one offs and their wedding was just that. Lorna’s dress was just beautiful and i loved all the DIY touches – i dont think i would have the patience. xxx


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