Purple Rain

Featuring UK weddings makes me happy. Not only because I know being a British blogger makes me stand out from the crowd, but because it makes me so happy that us Brits are finally catching up to our American friends in the style stakes! Therefore to celebrate I’m going to blog not one, but two awesome UK weddings today (and a little bit of California dreamin’ at the end of the day – sorry I can’t resist it.)

I’m kicking off with a wedding that’s not only fabulously unique but the bride is in a purple dress! It was actually an Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress but certainly did the job as a glamorous and unique bridal outfit.

Wedding at Kew Bridge Steam Museum 016

The ceremony took place in the beautiful villa Pitzhanger Manor House in Ealing while the venue was held at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum. Both venues gave the day an almost Victorian feel don’t you think?

Thanks to Samantha for sharing this fantastic day with us

Credit: Samantha Capitano Photography


  1. Post author

    dont worry Az there is another one later today (AND another one tomorrow…) BOTH equally awesome (of course)

  2. Yay British brides! Yay London! Yay for purple!! (With a little bit of CA dreaming…)

    I’m marrying a British bride in Cornwall (I’m from California; we’re getting hitched there, too) and I love it when you have weddings from this side of the pond! Thanks, Kat!

  3. Post author

    yep the uk weddings are rocking it this week! ive got more on friday, saturday AND sunday this week too so be sure to check back!


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