Masquerade Ball

November 10, 2009

Catherine & Jon had a masquerade ball themed wedding in October. Not one detail was missed and the bride even wore a custom made, one of a kind dress and jewellery by Bethany Foster Couture plus Doc Marten boots!


Thanks to Emma for sharing these

Credit: barebonephoto


  1. MissKimberlina

    Seriously loving this! Similar colours to my own so it’s great to see it working 🙂 truely beautiful

  2. Marie-Claire

    I like the fact that they got married in a church! Having it all, now THAT is rocknroll!

  3. littlepickle

    I love the dress, love the cake, love that the groom looks like a cross between Johnny Depp and Gary Oldman in dracula…amazing photos!

  4. Sama Goldie

    Holy MOLY, this wedding is amazing. Assumed it was from the US from the first pic but very proud it’s from good old Blighty!

  5. Stunning bride (love this kind of pin up & brulesque look), stunning dress, stunning wedding ! & aweome photos of course. It rocks !

  6. Love the proposal tattoo.and THAT dress and train are wonderful and goth-tastic, I love it when we get a black dress to do …it feels like the ultimate in non-traditional. Well done Kim Denman –top hats off to you
    stunning work guys and huge congratulations

  7. Hells YES! I think I just died. I LOVE that dress. Kudos to her for rockin’ something different. I <3 black wedding dresses! So unconventional and gorgeous. LOVE that church too.

  8. Ok i just love this whole wedding! Everything about it is absolutely incredible! The brides’ dress OMG it’s insanly stunning and she looks incredibly gorgeous in it!

  9. chinadoll

    I think this is my favorite wedding of the year so far! I love the burlesque dancers – that is something we are doing at our wedding!


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