The Shining Inspired Glam Goth Wedding

September 21, 2010

Mindy & David got married at The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, the hotel that provided the inspiration to Stephen King for The Shining.

“Our first thoughts about what we wanted our wedding to look and sound and feel like were all over the board” the couple told me. “Our first decision was the location.  We had stayed at the Historic Stanley Hotel the summer previous, and while we were familiar with much of the folklore of the place, we were delighted to find character that goes far deeper than “haunted joint.”  We had a wonderful time and felt a connection to the Stanley.”

“Touring possible locations in Denver and the surrounding area, we visited many nice places with good things to offer.  When we returned to the Stanley to consider it as a wedding location, though, it was immediately evident to both of us that we found our place.  Other locations offered beautiful wall finishes or breathtaking views, but no other option had the richness about it that the Stanley oozed.  The often cracking paint (new paint jobs last less than a year there) and imperfections added to the individual nature of the building that really resonated with us.  The main downside to the Stanley is the fact that they host multiple weddings every weekend in the summer, and we didn’t want to be ‘just another wedding.’  In the end, it just inspired us to create something individual and extraordinary.”

And the certainly did that! For their theme, the groom started a collection of images that continued to grow at odd angles and tangents (tanks and military-begarbed women rendered in watercolor, fonts made from smoke, an art-deco staircase) while the bride mentally changed to a grand new thematic idea every week or two (classic/traditional, vintage Hollywood\film noir, gothic futurist).  “We talked quite a bit about what of all our ideas had something in common, and which ideas had nothing in common with anything, ever.  We came up with a small list of things we both would like to see, regardless of the direction our minds took us.  We wanted lace, feathers, red roses, candle light and architectural elements. The end result was an elegant, simple but sophisticated ceremony that let us be at the center, visually as well as literally, followed by a reception that was like stepping into pure imagination.  We couldn’t have asked for, or imagined, more.”

Massive thanks to Mindy & David and their photographer Matt for sharing this wedding with us. I love!

Photography Credit: Matt Alberts Photography
Videography Credit: Studio Z Films
Planner: Kelly Karli from Frosted Pink Weddings
Venue:  The Stanley Hotel
Bride’s Dress: Mina by Sophia Tolli
Cake: Elegant Bakery
Flowers: Design Works
DJ: Phil Peralta of Simply Entertainment 
Hair/Make Up: Kyle Mancuso & Tiffany Giovanini


  1. Salma

    What an amazing British wedding! I would have thought it was American until I saw it in the British Brides category. Absolutely amazing! I wonder if the bridesmaids always wear their hair like that or if they got it done especially for the wedding? That’s dedication to your bride!!

  2. oh wow, those girls have amazing hair doo’s!!!

    congrats to the beautiful bride and her man!!! i love a rockabilly themed wedding!! *swoons*

  3. Congratulations to an amazing wedding and amazing pictures for two of the nicest people I have the good fortune to call friends.

    Don’t you think Peter looks a bit like a young Charlie Sheen? 😉

  4. Andrea

    I was lucky enough to be invited to the evening party and it was amazing! Everyone had a brilliant time and as Leah said it was definitely a night to remember! I wouldn’t of expected anything less from this gorgeous couple though 🙂

  5. Pugs + sweets+ Day of the dead = me weeing myself in excitement! LOVE the DOTD guest frame, i really really wanted one but the H2B said no and put his foot down (sad face). Amazing wedding!

  6. Leah

    Ah cheers everyone for your lovely comments!It was a great day and the bridesmaids made a special effort with the hair!We’ve got 9 years to plan our joint 40th/10th anniversary now:-) x

  7. jennie

    what a brilliant wedding, everybody must of had such a great day, looks amazing. x

  8. Roxxy Bones

    I’m booking my wedding tomorrow and I’m going for a red and black rockabilly theme! She even has the dress I’m about to order! The whole wedding looks gorge!

  9. Teegzie Pitt

    I LOVE her shoes! I love all the small details too, really made the wedding look amazing! It looks like it was an awesome, crazy fun party… exactly what a wedding should be!

  10. luna

    OMG OMG OMG I want the hair, i want the shoes and i want the dogs!! and the cake topper!! This is one of those weddings that you get so excited about you start typing REALLY fast!!!


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