Kind of A Big Deal

October 16, 2009

So I may have written a massive article about how fab Erica Berger is just a two days ago, but when she showed me these photographs and told me the couple found her through Rock n Roll Bride…well I wasn’t going to say no to sharing these little beauties was I!?


Leigh & Corbett are kind of a big deal (was that a line from Anchorman?hehe). He is the co-creature of the “Saw” franchise and she is an actress and was in The Young & The Restless – I have famous readers don’t ya know?! Apparently they love me and went nuts when they saw Erica’s  work on my blog. I’m a little bit over-excited about that. Woooooo.

Oh. And their wedding absolutely rocked. I am crazy about their woodland ‘set’ at the reception – what a great idea. Helps that the couple are both in the movie biz huh!?

Thanks Erica, Leigh & Corbett…love you too! There are loads more photos – go check out Erica’s blog for them.

Credit: Erica Berger


  1. absolutely incredible!! I so love Erica!! look she has totally outdone herself here! These wedding pictures are so freaking rad

  2. H! I am the caterer and wedding coordinator for this wedding. It was an amazing, beautiful, macabre, moody wedding.

    Our menu consisted of braised short ribs with gorgonzola polenta and in lieu of dessert, we served local cheeses…yummmm


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