Kind of A Big Deal

October 16, 2009

So I may have written a massive article about how fab Erica Berger is just a two days ago, but when she showed me these photographs and told me the couple found her through Rock n Roll Bride…well I wasn’t going to say no to sharing these little beauties was I!?


Leigh & Corbett are kind of a big deal (was that a line from Anchorman?hehe). He is the co-creature of the “Saw” franchise and she is an actress and was in The Young & The Restless – I have famous readers don’t ya know?! Apparently they love me and went nuts when they saw Erica’s  work on my blog. I’m a little bit over-excited about that. Woooooo.

Oh. And their wedding absolutely rocked. I am crazy about their woodland ‘set’ at the reception – what a great idea. Helps that the couple are both in the movie biz huh!?

Thanks Erica, Leigh & Corbett…love you too! There are loads more photos – go check out Erica’s blog for them.

Credit: Erica Berger