A Model Shoot

This is yet another shoot I have been dying to share for ages. Rock n Roll Bride fave, Trigger Happy Tara showed me a sneak peak of these a few weeks ago and me being as impatient as ever I have literally been chomping at the bit to get these up for you all!

IMG_3774 copy

This shoot was actually part of a mass shoot-out, an event where a bunch of local photographers (in this case Jacksonville) get together to shoot some models and exchange tips and tricks. I love this model and Tara’s interpretation of the scene so much because she has given what could have been such a traditional shoot a completely offbeat and rock n roll twist! The Model’s dress was Alvina Valenta (style #9700) and her veil was by Lori London (style #VM95).

Kudos to Tara. Love these!

Credit: Trigger Happy Tara


  1. Oh those pics are great. I really love her dress and make up 🙂
    I hope that my After-Wedding-Shoot will turn out half gorgeous as this…


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