Blue Dress Brides

March 15, 2010

What happens when a South African photographers and dress designer get together to set up an Rock n Roll bridal shoot…? This, that’s what! Blue and grey are such a great colours on brides – a bit more quirky than white, a bit more unique than red. If you’re a blue or grey dress bride be sure to send me your wedding pictures! Yum…

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Thanks to Natasha for sharing these

Credit: Natasha Du Preez
Dresses: Immagika


  1. roopa

    What about brides in violet dresses? I’ve never ever seen one in my many hours of reading wedding blogs – except for myself!

  2. Post author

    roopa, i would love to see some violet dress brides! send your photos my way after your wedding!

  3. roopa

    Kat, I got married last fall but I have to check with my photographer about sending because he has sent them to a few pubs and we’re not sure where they’ll end up…

  4. Thanks for all the comments on the gowns. If you haven’t seen your colour, or haven’t got the idea that the designer really gets who you are, then you have not been to see us at our studio.

    The white wedding gown was first introduced by Christian Dior in his “New Look” collections in the aftermath of the 2nd world war. Hollywood loved it and made sure every movie wedding was featuring one, and Hollywood’s favourite virgin bride Gracee Kelly wore a white wedding gown by M.G.M.’s Helen Rose when she married her Prince Ranier Grimaldi of Monaco and became Princess Grace.

    At Immagika however we are well aware that rich colour has been used in the gowns of noble brides for centuries before. Colour was very expensive and not available to everyone. An ounce of purple pigment was more valuable than an ounce of pure gold.

    We passionately encourage our brides to show who they are using colour and texture.

    Marlize Coetzee Boshoff
    Owner, bespoke designer

  5. The colouring on the bodice in image 1 is spectacular. I love it.

    This is the first i’ve seen of Immagika, great work.

  6. Pie

    I will be a grey dress bride. The dress is bespoke and I haven’t picked out the exact colour yet but it will be nude pink and grey of some description.

  7. Bianca

    Quick question, I have searched for the designer on these, and so far nothing, details anyone?

  8. oooh. I just got married in blue dress, I hadnt seen any before, everyone loves it. Will be submitting my pics soon. Love the first pic, gorgeous.


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