A Macabre Sweeney Todd Inspired Wedding Shoot: Amy & Paul


I’m not going to lie, I’m a little freaked out by this shoot… in fact I’m downright scared. I don’t think I’d like to get stuck in a dark alley with this pair, as lovely as I bet they are when they’re not covered in fake blood. Amy & Paul went all out with this post-wedding shoot – murder, fake blood, suicide and all!

Warning: this baby is not for the faint hearted. I’m under no illusion that not everybody is going to like or ‘get’ this. But Paul & Amy do and isn’t that all that really matters?


“Paul and I decided on going for trash the dress shoot because we were disappointed with our wedding pictures (not taken by Sassy who shot this for us!),” began Amy. “We went for a gothic steampunk feel that fit in with the theme of the day…. Halloween!! In the evening reception, we had a fancy dress theme and we dressed as Mrs Lovett and Sweeney Todd. Because we felt that the official wedding pictures didn’t do our wedding justice, we decided to have a photo shoot afterwards with a similar theme. We had seen Sassy’s work on Rock n Roll Bride and particularly loved Toni & Colin’s wedding and really felt that Sassy would get where we were coming from, so I contacted her straight away.”


“I felt we should go for something ‘horrifically beautiful'”, she continued, “something horror, Victorian but not too disturbing that it was disgusting. We didn’t really want to look like a bride and groom that had escaped from the church, more like we had escaped from a horror film! We love Tim Burton and everything dark and macabre, so when Sass suggested a Ripper-esque theme, we were well up for that!!”

“We love the pictures and feel Sassy really got where we were coming from. The pictures are so theatrical and dark, completely different and ‘us’. We are so proud of these pictures and are over the moon with how much effort Sassy went to with this theme. Thanks ever so much Sass… we felt like actors from a horror flick, had our hair and make up done to an awesome standard and felt completely at ease!”


Awesome… scary, but awesome. Thank you Amy & Paul for sharing your vision with us today.



  1. This shoot is awesome and so cinematic,and could easily be stills from a Tim Burton Film, Sassy has got serious skills and vision !!

  2. Ok so the styling is definitely not something I would do myself, but the way the passion and sexiness between this couple screams at you from the photos is flippin amazing!

  3. Freaking amazing…I LOVE stuff like this! Anything cinema-inspired and I’m totally on board! Sassy, you’re ridiculously clever.

  4. Such an original idea! These pictures are hauntingly beautiful and very creative. I honestly love stuff like this, and I think it was done quite well. Sassy is sooo talented!

  5. These photos and the connection between the couple are gorgeous. They aren’t my cup of tea but strangely I like them because there is so much drama and the photography is beautiful. Well done xx

  6. Had such fun as MUA for this :), defiantly not your usual bridal look, can honestly say I have never done any shoot quite so scary ! LOVED IT!

  7. Oh, what a strange shoot… I really like the “alternative-ness” of it, but what do the grand-parents say when they get the pictures? 🙂

  8. Post author

    LadyG – I’m pretty sure they didn’t do the shoot to show their grandparents, it was more about what they love and wanted to have fun with!

  9. This is just so amazing, I can’t stop coming back here to look at the pictures again! Sassy never stops to rock our world with amazing shots!!

  10. This shoot is definitely different. The images are spectacular! This is a great inspiration for couples wanting to get married around Halloween, too 🙂

  11. Nicola Hulls

    I would have really liked it if in one of the photos he closed her eyes after he had killed her 🙂 great photos!!!

  12. TicTalk

    Thank you for sharing these! My fiancé and I met while working on a production of Sweeney Todd. That is going to be the theme for our reception. Our first dance is going to be “A Little Priest”. I’m having a dickens of a time finding a caterer to make meat pies.


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