Dark Horse Bridals

Jess Yarwood

February 13, 2016

Gothic Bridal Shoot_Jess Yarwood Photography11

Not all bridal shoots need a white dress and lots of props. Sometimes, all you need is a horse (ha!) and a woodland.

“I decided to create a styled shoot based on my vision of an alternative gothic bride”, explained photographer Jess Yarwood. “I also wanted to use a horse.”

Gothic Bridal Shoot_Jess Yarwood Photography3

“The Inspiration was to give the bride a chance to be a bit more of a rebel and let their inhibitions go. I want to teach my clients that they can be themselves! This is my vision of a darker, sultry and more ethereal bridal portrait inspired by the beautifully warm autumnal colours.”

Gothic Bridal Shoot_Jess Yarwood Photography15

“The shoot took place around Delamere forest Cheshire, under the trees and in a large and beautiful lake in the midst of the unindustrialised countryside. Compared to other shoots this one is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s a little out of the norm for a bridal portrait shoot, it demonstrates a darker more creative vision. And just goes to show that with a beautiful setting, and a few added touches the possibilities are endless.”

Gothic Bridal Shoot_Jess Yarwood Photography18