Susan’s Paint The Dress Shoot


Susan wanted to get back into her wedding dress for a memorable photo shoot for her anniversary. When she married Jesse 10 years ago they had some trouble with their photographer (who, ahem, ended up in jail) so although they received some 4 x 6 prints, they didn’t manage to get an album or any photo enlargements made. They were also pretty unhappy with the portraits of Susan from the images they did get, and none of them showed off her beautiful dress in all it’s glory.


So, Susan contacted photographer Colleen of Color Me Rad and asked if they could do a trash the dress shoot – with paint and her two kids involved!

“This session was more than just trashing the dress” Colleen told me. “It was about giving Susan the bridal portraits she never had.”


Love and thanks to photographer Colleen for sharing her images with us today.

Photography Credit: Color Me Rad
Make Up: Brides By Brittany


  1. Absolutely stunning portraits! I don’t think I’d ever have enough guts to trash my dress, but what a fantastic celebration of her journey and family! Beautiful

  2. Love the paint, but also really loving getting the kids involved. Looks like a natural progression from a wedding shoot; the next chapter in her life!

  3. Susan

    Beautiful shoot…and if I can still look as good as her in my wedding dress after ten years of marriage, I would be very happy (and so would my husband!)

  4. susan

    this is the actual 10yr. bride here, and i cannot tell you how much these pictures mean to me. i love them sooo much and i am incredibly grateful to colleen and brittany for making me feel even more beautiful than i did on my wedding day. the hubby actually said i looked better than the first time. thank you rocknroll bride. you are awesome!!! thanks for the love too. it took a lot of sucking it in to get back in the dress!!!

  5. The first black and white shot is my favourite portrait and really beautiful, something to frame. And I have to say, the dress style is so elegant and really stood the test of time, can’t believe it’s ten years old!

  6. nik

    The “before” portraits are STUNNING!
    And the “after”- I think every wedding dress that is stored away is dying with envy.

    What great photos!!!

  7. Wooohoooo!!!
    It was fantastically awesome to be a part of this brave and creative shoot!!! Susan, you ROCKED that dress and looked GORGEOUS… 10 years has treated you very well baby, I LOVED dolling you up for this shoot!
    Colleen, awesome shots! You are a dream to work with 🙂 High-five!
    Thank-you rocknroll for featuring this!!!
    Brittany {Brides By Brittany}

  8. Maqui

    All I can say is WOW!! After 10 years and she still fits in her wedding dress!! Total inspiration!!

  9. Andrea

    Holey-cheese-and-crackers-amazing! Seriously! Just possibly the best idea ever, not to mention that the kids are adorable, bride beautiful and images completely stunning!

  10. The best part of this is that the paint is all below her waist! It screams “compliments of my kid!” You know, like that bedroom door covered in stickers until the 3 and a half foot mark when your two year old couldn’t reach any higher. Except this is way more fab and there probably won’t be as much cursing.

  11. I am SO doing this for my 10. We have been through a rough few months and we are working hard to make it so in a few months.. we will be married 10 years!

  12. Zoe

    Beautiful photographs of the bride & her children. Wonderful memories to cherish. And kudos to the Bride for fitting into her decade-old wedding dress after the birth of her children! xx

  13. Grace

    Susan, You rock…. This was such a great idea.. I am so glad that you were able to have this life experience and to experience it with the kids… is awesome.. But I always knew you could fit the dress after 10 years.. Girl you still look as good as you did 10 years ago… maybe even better.. life with Jesse and the kids have been good to you.. Keep up the good work… love you and your family

  14. wow i loved this images so much, i can’t imagine this woman in that dress 10 years ago, she looks absolutely gorgeous right now, my gosh! lovely idea and lovely pictures, makes me feel that life had its vendetta, something horrible had to happen just so you have this amazingly stunnig pics of yourself in your gown!

  15. Jemma Dodwell

    I have talked about doing this and everyone looks at me horrified! Kinda want to go paintballing in my fifties style wedding dress or even on one of those ‘zombie’ walks all bloodied up!!

  16. ellen cooper

    Beautiful beautiful photos and wonderful idea but curious, why isn’t hubby in any of the pictures with you?!

  17. sam

    Love how on picture #15 in the bottom left corner there’s a small rainbow probably due to lighting or something but still a pretty cool effect.. great pics 🙂

  18. Nicole

    What a beautiful idea and what beautiful photographs!! It would have been lovely if her husband had been included too! Great idea for an anniversary!


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