Music-Inspired ‘Trash the Dress’ in Brick Lane

Photographic Blonde

April 27, 2013


When wedding photographer Emily Johnson ran a trash the dress competition on Rock n Roll Bride, she hoped she might find some cool babes to shoot. And, oh boy, did she! One of the first winners was Ruth Power, a musician from New Zealand. Ruth wanted a shoot that reflected her love of music, showcased her personal style and took place in and around Brick Lane, London, which she now calls home.

“Ruth lives with her husband Kane in London and plays in their band Death In Texas“, explained Emily. “When Ruth entered the competition she said she would love to save her wedding dress from the far reaches of Narina (AKA the back of her closet!) and swap the great teetering heels she wore on her wedding day for her chucks. Her vision was to be photographed browsing through a record store and busking on Brick Lane, wearing her Halston Heritage wedding dress.”


“I loved Ruth’s vision and how she wanted to contrast the glamour of her big day with a more relaxed style, one that captured her lifestyle and suited her personality so well. Brick Lane also happens to be one of my favourite areas of East London as it has some of the best graffiti, so the thought of photographing a stunning bride against some amazing street art was in fact my idea of heaven!”

“The very lovely and talented Anissa Lee made us the most intricate boutique out of the sheet music of Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, which was Ruth and Kane’s ‘walking down the aisle’ song. The shoot was on a Sunday and the perfect summers day to take a stroll down Brick Lane. Stopping off along the way at the iconic Beigal Shop, to browse through a record store, then Ruth rocked out in front of the most prefect pre-made backdrops ever.”