A Geeky, Offbeat, Tea Party, Country Wedding!

September 28, 2009

Boy oh boy…I have to say there is a hell lot of wedding awesomeness flying in and around my inbox this week. I have been inundated with so many emails of gorgeousness that it really has been hard to keep up. Fret not though as I do plan on blogging all of the beauty at some point!

Right now, well what can I say that could possibly live up to these? The very lovely Rosalie of the Tea and Whimsy blog booked my buddy David McNeil for her wedding to Jamie last month. She has gone over all the details, budget saving tricks (they only spent about £4000/$6000 on the whole thing!) and DIY gems on her site, but I’m just here to share the swoonfest that is these photographs…oh and to draw your attention to her freakin’ awesome bouquet! Yes those are real (dyed) roses!


Swoooooooooooooon….Thanks to Rosalie for allowing me to share her wedding and of course my bestest wedding buddy David for being so bloomin’ wicked. You need to book him. You really really do.

ps clicky here if you want to check out their engagements

Credit: David McNeil Photography