Tulle Is Always A Good Thing

After featuring Kent & Roberta’s cute engagements, I knew their wedding would be equally adorable but little prepared me for this. I am all about Roberta’s own personal twist on her ‘Weddings by Debbie’ dress with the addition of a pink tulle underskirt, painstakingly sewn it by her Mother in Law – aww. Photographer Debbie has told me they have since done an awesome trash the dress shoot involving a bathtub – I can’t wait to see the results.

Credit: Englexas Photography


  1. Gorgeous photographs! The ring is exquisite. I love the colors… and also the lack of colors in these photos, the camera angles, the details. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Melissa

    I was at this wedding andf it was awesome to see Debbie in her element. Roberta’s personal twists went on…The veil she wore was so avangar and SHE made it herself. She has such a flare for life and beauty it should alllll throughout her wedding. It was such an elegant wedding with the music playing in the background (primarily Louie Armstrong). The color selections were also perfect. She was and is a beautiful Bride…AND Yes the ring is ven more wow in person.


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