Pinky, Punky Princess

Hurray the time has finally arrived. I am SO over-excited to share these with you as they are fan-bloody-tastic. Marianne has pretty much captured my ridiculous nature with these gorgeous images…I like to think of myself as a pinky, punky princess and that’s exactly what she delivered! 

The balloons look fabulous but omg where they terrible models?! They did not do as they were told.  It was also an absolutely scorching day but Marianne managed to remain cool and capture me at my most colourful…and she didn’t even flinch when I told her I wanted to wear a Hello Kitty tiara!

Thank you *so* much Marianne – you seriously have rocked my world!

Credit: Marianne Taylor


  1. Post author

    haha marianne was all about the socks and i wasnt sure..turns out she was right! Always trust the photographer!

  2. LOVE these!! Seriously, fab! These perfectly capture “pink-punk-princess!” I seriously love your hair – and way to rock the Hello Kitty tiara!

  3. You look AWESOME, Kat!!! You definitely rock that look…how fun are you!?!!! Thank you for coloring our world with lil’ pieces of happiness, we need more people in this world like you!

    Seriously, maybe if we lived in a pink world, it would be a more peaceful world…lol.

    Cheers, lady – love it.

  4. Kat, you are the coolest, pinkiest, most adorable rock ‘n roll princess ever! Your entire look is magic! Marianne and you did such a great job!

  5. These are SO awesome! I love the sunglasses ones. You really know how to work a set of balloons, lady! =)

  6. Kat you have a beautiful smile and a funky personality. These are awesome pictures…I love the dress and shoes!!


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