Outdoorsy, Shabby Chic Gorgeousness

I am slightly reluctant to say this is one of my favourite, rustic, outdoorsy, shabby chic weddings ever as I seem to be saying things like that a lot..but I kinda can’t help it. I adore every single details about this wedding, from the cute (almost kitch!) Mr&Mrs balloons to the Bride’s stunning dress and shoes (shoes from Nordstrom, details on the dress to come once the couple get back from Honeymoon!)
These will be popular with you all I’m sure of it.

Sarah Yates you rocked this photography, thanks so much for all the sharing!

Credit: Sarah Yates Photography


  1. I will try to find out about the shoes and dress! When I do (and it may take a bit since they are on their honeymoon) I’ll post on my blog and Kat will update as well. Thanks ladies!!!

  2. I’m in love with every single one of those floral arrangements. I’m featuring this post on my Friday dance. Fantastic!


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