Woodland Nymphs

February 13, 2010


How do I even begin to describe a wedding like this? Eco? Hippy Chic? Organic? Ourdoorsy? Woodland nymph-like? Musical? Midsummer Night’s Dream-esque? None of these words seem to do any kinda of justice to this beautiful wedding.

Samuel & Jessica were married in Moravian falls at Pennel Horse farm. They wanted they day to have a raw and natural feel with a bit of mystical charm and simplicity. “They defined their wedding by what they love and not what tradition says to do”, photographer Shelley told me “so they combined some common elements of the wedding ceremony, seasoned with of a little bit of hippie, funk, vintage and organic charm. Every little thing was a reflection of who they are as individuals and as a couple.”

Their bridal/groomal parties were huge and the woods were filled with light and music from the lanterns they all carried and the drums they played as the bride arrived on a horse. The ceremony was a really emotional one (as you can see from the video below the ‘jump’) the pair washed each other’s feet and Sam even sang and played guitar to his new wife. The reception looks like a blast! The guests ate great organic food and they danced into the night around a giant bonfire.


Jessica’s dress was by Amalia Cararra. She bought her dress at “Stardust Celebrations” in Dallas, Texas, where she she was spotted by the creators of a new reality show on WEtv called “Girl Meets Dress.” The couple’s love story will be aired March 9th as the premier episode! Be sure to check out a snippet of their wedding video below as a little sneaky peak!

Thanks to Shelley, Jess & Sam for sharing their a.m.a.z.i.n.g ceremony and wedding with us (and yes, there are over 100 photographs in this post but I had to include them all!)

Credit: Shelley Paulson Photography