Casual Wedding Officiated by Batman

Alyssa Morgan Photography

February 17, 2016

Wedding Officiated by Batman (13)

I’m not sure there’s anything cooler than having your wedding officiated by a superhero! Emily and Eric’s Saratoga Springs wedding wasn’t really themed though, they just picked random things that they liked and threw them all together.

“Our wedding was casual with a touch of vintage, and rustic,” said the bride. “We didn’t have one set theme. Our minister was Batman and the ceremony was short and sweet. Our officiant wrote a beautiful speech and we did our own vows. The tone was very honest and sincere. The strangest part was that even though we were up there in front of all of our friends and family, it felt like it was just us and our minister. It was very intimate. Don’t look at the crowd! ”

Wedding Officiated by Batman (7)

“We spent months collecting vintage oil lamps for décor”, she continued. “We also took part in a German log cutting tradition. We also had pictures to honour some of our loved ones who are no longer with us (his granddads, my grandparents) on a little table as part of our lounge set up. We did our own flower arrangements and my dad made all of the wooden boxes. The day before the wedding all the women in the family got together and had mimosas and arranged the flowers. We were supposed to have two cakes delivered, but they didn’t show up! So some friends ran off to a supermarket and bought a bunch of different cakes. In the end, our cake table ended up looking beautiful!”

Wedding Officiated by Batman (29)

“The best thing about the wedding was that we got to take this really significant and personal moment and make it completely our own”, she concluded. “We were kind of clueless and didn’t have a lot of help or direction, but that meant that the possibilities were endless.  My advice for other couples would be that things are probably going to go wrong on the day, but don’t agonise over it!  We had plenty of things go wrong, but honestly, we and our guests were having so much fun it didn’t matter. The important thing is that you’re committing to the person you love most!”

Wedding Officiated by Batman (32)