Wow. This has got to be one of my favourite DIY/handmade weddings ever…the Bride even made her dress! What a gorgeous, homely, hilarious, personal and rustic feel this beautiful barn wedding has. I have never seen so many genuinely happy people. It makes me smile.

OK so I went crazy with the amount of photographs I’m adding to this post – but you know, I was actually kinda restrained! Click here for more, including all the preparations…

Thanks Bertie (as always!)  Edit: Remember this engagement shoot? Well I’ve just realised it’s their wedding..no wonder it’s so amazing. This two are too stylish for words.

Credit: Josh Goleman via Casando Ideias


  1. Every single detail about this wedding is more than fantastic. Id have to say if I could have anyone elses wedding, it’d be this one!

  2. mysi

    oh holy cow. incredible. amazing.
    and where’s that dress from? did she make it? i love. love.

  3. I thought this couple looked familiar… like amazingly familiar!! LOVED those engagement pics (beyond words), and just saw the whole photogs post on the wedding… truly amazing!! Wish I had been there!


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