I am super duper excited to post these photographs.  I don’t think I have to explain why!

Edit: Dress is by Stephanie James Couture

Credit: Aaron Delsie


  1. Post author

    I know its so amazing! i have no ifo at the moment but I will email the photographer and see if they can help

  2. Post author

    I reckon it must have been custom made cos I have never seen anything about where it was from and if it was of the rack we would see this fabulous dress a lot more often i think!

  3. I made that dress!! It was one-of-a-kind for my friend, Hillary, who is an artist, so she wanted something totally different!! She got it. Now I have introduced it into my line since I have been getting so many calls through her photographer (who is also my friend). I don’t have photos of it on my site yet, but I will soon. I am so glad you all like it!!

    Stephanie James Couture

  4. wow. this is super great! i love this dress. i’d def wear it to my wedding (which is in about a year!) it looks like the multicolor material is tulle, right? Any idea what the actual dress is made of? it’s not taffeta , is it?

  5. Jen

    awesome. thank u Kat 🙂 love ur website by the way. it’s nice to know that there are other chicks out there who aren’t so… traditional.


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