Cakes & Kisses

April 7, 2009

Oh dear..I went and did it again, and got horribly drunk last night (I’m allowed it’s my birthday today!)
I have a million and one things to post, I have had so much great stuff sent to me this week and I will definitely have a mass posting session tonight, but for now I’m all about the fry up, going shopping and getting a birthday haircut!  This is the sort of thing I’m going for (but obviously keeping the pink!)…what do we think?

To keep you entertained until I return, new hair and all, why not check out this ridiculously fabulous wedding sent to me my Holly Sheen.  I am loving all the pretty lights, and that cake, and the dress…in fact pretty much all of it is totally gorgeous.

In Holly’s words…
Meeting your soul mate is a once in a lifetime chance. But what makes this couple even more unique is that they met each other as toddlers at Day Care.

At the age of three or four, Max announced to his mom that he was going to marry Sara . March 28th 2009, he made his proclamation true.

The wedding took place in the front yard, with a huge beautiful tree shading the entire event. What makes this even more special is that it was the home of Max and his family, and perhaps even the setting of a lot of childhood adventures.

We took “getting ready” photo of the girls in Max’s old bedroom. The reception was in the same yard that they had many basketball, and outdoor games. Two guitar players played “All You Need is Love” to the entire reception. It soon became a sing-a-long and a tribute to the new couple. Music of the band, “Minus Me” was playing at the reception (a band that the groom and best man were guitar/drums). The groom doubled as the DJ and music extraordinaire.

It was truly such a personal event. Every detail and accent was carefully planned and beautiful.

Credit: Holly Sheen/Cakes & Kisses