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Christmas Love & Sparkle

christmas henry

Whatever you’re up to tomorrow I hope you have a fantastic day full of love and laughter. We’re off to my parent’s house tonight (I’m making cocktails – yey!) and tomorrow we’re back there for all the traditional fare. I’m particularly looking forward to the homemade cracker game that Gareth had put together (!) Who knew I married someone so creative?!

Henry & Rachel will be doing their usual excited antics of playing with wrapping paper, sitting in boxes and knocking as many baubles (yes I have glitter skull ones obviously) off the tree as possible.

Lots of love & Christmas sparkle

Kat, Gareth, Henry & Rachel

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The Underwoods

My Mum hates having her photo taken, so for Christmas last year I did what any loving daughter would and bought her a photo shoot with Lisa! Although I know she was grateful for the gesture I also know she was ridiculously nervous about the whole thing… which is probably why, after much persuasion and coercion from yours truly, they only just got around to booking it.

But photographs are important. Memories are important. And I wanted my parents to have some really great photographs and memories of the two of them as they are right now – happy, totally in love and really really great parents.

Yep prepare yourself, dear reader, this blog post is about to get a little bit gushy…

I love my parents with all my heart, and although I know my Mum really didn’t enjoy being in front of the camera (turns out my Dad on the other hand is a massive poser – he’s clearly who I get that from!) I really hope they can look at these photographs for years to come and realise how great they look and how in love they are – yep, even after 30 years of marriage!

I’m a bit rubbish at saying it sometimes, but I really do love you Mum & Dad. You are the best parents ever. Thank you both for everything you do for me and my sisters. Thank you for the constant support and love. I always know how proud you are of me and I really do appreciate it, it’s just hard to find those words sometimes.

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It’s Finally Here! Issue 2 of Rock n Roll Bride Print Magazine Available Now!

It’s here! It’s finally here! To say creating issue 2 of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine has been a labour of love would be an understatement of epic proportions. When Gareth & I made the decision late last year to create a second edition of the magazine after the unanticipated appreciation over issue 1 (which was initially conceived to just be a free handout at a wedding show), not in a million years did we think it would take so long… and take so much out of us. Dear God, I have a new found respect for everyone who works in the print industry. I won’t bore you with the trials and tribulations we’ve had along the way, but rest assured that magazines are hard work. But when 50-odd boxes of something we created were delivered to our house on Friday, it all suddenly felt worth it. I have never been so proud!

The result is six months worth of blood, sweat and many, many tears. I’m not gonna lie, there were moments when I just wanted to throw in the towel and there were moments I thought we’d never get here. Words can’t describe the debt of gratitude I owe my long suffering graphic designer, Nubby Twiglet, who took my words and ideas and crafted them into something so beautiful. And to Gareth who negotiated his way through print orders, proof sheets and proof reading over and over and over. He’s also chief magazine packer and shipper – ie vital to this operation!

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LUSH’s Hard Hitting Campaign Against Animal Testing

I was going to put this in Thursday Treats today but after doing some research I feel a simple link amoungst so many other things isn’t enough. I saw this on a news website yesterday and it literally stopped me in my tracks.

Performance artist, Jacqueline Traide, turned herself a lab test subject in the LUSH Regent St store window to highlight some of the procedures done on animals by cosmetics companies who allow animal testing. Her hair was shaved. She was force-fed. She was covered in products… for ten whole hours.

Hard hitting stuff…

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Start Each Day Like it’s your Birthday…

Via J Jump Jennifer

Except today when I’ll be extra specially in the party spirit because it actually is my birthday! Woohooo 28 today.

My plans basically revolve around hoping that Gareth has something in the realms of utter spoiling under this sleeve (no pressure G-man…)

I have a feeling 28 is going to be a very exciting year indeed. Be sure to pop by later today for a super cute ombre cake DIY! My birthday gift to you.

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Discounts, Savings & Special Valentine’s Day Offers

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Happy day of love! To celebrate, a number of my favourite people are running discounts and offers so I thought I’d pass them on to you too. Be sure to check them out!

Whatever you’re up to (even if it’s just crap TV and wine like us!) I hope you have a fabulous day.

Check out’s awesome Valentine’s themed items. I’m in love.

Twinkie Chan

She’s not technically running an specials on prices but I wanted to let you know that my etsy fave, Twinkie Chan has brand new cute love and candy themed items in her store. I’m seriously considering the ‘Be Mine’ crocheted bunting for myself!

Alphabet Bags

Alphabet Bags are offering 20% discount on all tote bags until midnight tonight. Use the discount code HEART at the checkout. They’ve also got a small selection of adorbs Valentine themed designs.

Natasha Jane

Head wear designer Natasha Jane is running an exclusive offer for Rock n Roll Bride readers. Until midnight on February 29th, Natasha will offer any headband in her swarovski collection with extra 20% off.

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