Watch out America, The Pink One is Coming!

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Yes that’s right – Gareth & I are off to the US of A for two whole weeks. Our first stop is Omaha. I’ve been invited by Princess Lasertron to be a guest model in her show for Omaha Fashion Week and boy am I honoured/scared/nervous. Mrs Lasertron has designed a wedding dress especially for me and you’ll even be able to buy it though my blog afterwards! If you are in the Omaha region, I’ll be walking the catwalk on Thursday 25th (this Thursday coming) and I’d love to see some of you there. All info on showtimes, tickets and the location can be found via the Omaha Fashion Week website.

Oh yeah and Mondo Guerra from Project Runway is going to be there too…no pressure then!

American Grunge Coco De Coeur via Audrey Kitching Couture

Then, on Friday I’ll be making my American television debut. I know…mental! I’ve been invited on The Morning Blend show to talk about fashion, blogging and the UK wedding industry so if you’re able to get it where you are in the world feel free to tune in and tell your friends and family “ooh I know her!”

I’m going to try to get it recorded too so I can share with with the rest of my readers afterwards too. NERVOUS beyond belief…

Gareth & I are then heading to LA for a week. Neigher of us have ever been so although I will be doing a few work-related things while we’re there (photo shoot with Tinywater Photography and networking (ahem getting drunk) with Dana & Hunter of The Broke Ass Bride and Britt of Bowie Bride) our trip to LA is mainly for a little break. Gareth & I haven’t had a holiday since our honeymoon…over three years ago (!) so needless to say I think we deserve it!

Bleach London

So, what can you expect on the blog over the next fortnight? Well I’ve pre-scheduled at least one blog post on every weekday that I’m away…just because I’m off on my jollies doesn’t mean the wedding inspiration should stop huh? I’m also planning (wifi/time depending) to blog a little bit about what I’m up to during our trip so keep stopping by.

Obviously my access to email and the like will be much more limited so you may have to wait until I return to hear back from me (already shuddering at the size my inbox will be!)

USA! USA! USA! Catch you on the flipside homies.

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  1. Richard Wakefield

    can’t wait to hear all about it! sounds like you’re both gonna have a blast out there!

  2. Wow this is so fantastic and very inspiring to see how far you have come, I have loved reading about your journey from your wedding to biggest wedding blogger around.

    And I am sure it’s only natural to feel a little nervous, but I’m also sure the feeling of pride at what you’ve achieved will take over and you’ll be awesome. Have a fantastic time, enjoy every second….. I will be living vicariously through your twitter and blog updates. xx

  3. We’ll be living vicariously through you while your gone so there must be pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

    And as a bride to be and a massive Princess Lasertron fan I can’t WAIT to see the dress she’s designed for you. Eek!

  4. Have a wicked time Kat, and don’t forget to amp up the British accent. They love that shiz.

    Also, bring back lots of fun stuff & do feel free to shop on my behalf (tell Gareth I therefore give you full permission to spend loads!)

  5. Mondo is a doll! He came to my fiance’s shows when his band was still together. Mondo hasn’t let his fame go to his head at all and is really great to his fans.

    I hope you have a great time and if you find yourself in Denver, I’d be happy to be your tour guide 🙂

  6. Anastasia

    YAY! I’m excited you’ll be in my neck of the woods! I think its awesome you’ll be hanging out with Broke Ass Bride & Bowie Bride since I only stock (not in a creepy way) your blog and theirs for all things regarding planning for my wedding! Thats the best combo EVER! ha ha! hope you have a blast! Keep us all updated please 🙂

  7. Post author

    Danielle – are you in LA? Britt from bowie bride and Dana from broke ass bride are organising a little party downtown when im there on the 1st sept. you are MORE than welcome to come!!! email britt for info

  8. You are going to *love* LA!! Hope you get a chance to spend some time in Santa Monica/Venice!

    I’ll actually be downtown on the 1st. Is that party open to everyone?

  9. Post author

    sure why the hell not! come on down…drop britt and email and she’ll let you know when and where!

  10. Post author

    i am very excited by this!! Mexican food is one of my faves…even when its just out of a packet from the supermarket!

  11. Have a great time babe! I know you will REPRESENT all that is fab about the UK Wedding Industry over there in the US of A!

    Enjoy LA too – my top tip – for some beachy down time. Try Paradise Cove in Malibu – the food is awesome and the beach is to die for. Let me know if you find it.

    Julia xxx

  12. oooo it’s here, can’t imagine how excited you must be right now!!

    have an awesome time stateside Kat, you’re gonna live the american dream by the sounds of your itinerary, soooo jel 😉

    my bestest bit of advice would be to tell Gareth to look as cool as a cucumber going through LA customs cause man, they are harsh. tom was interrogated like crazy, prob for being a scruff-bag, whereas i (also scruff bag-esque after living in a fijian shack for 3 weeks backpacking) breezed through, despite being very inappropriate with security…
    when asked what i did for a job, i casually replied ‘oh, i write for a sex magazine’! oops. surprisingly tho they didn’t bat an eyelid…yep, they defo have summit against long-haired lads! hahahaha! happy holidays lovely, take loadsa snaps for yer bridettes xx

  13. if only i hadnt come earlier last month in L.A, i was so sure i’ll faint if i’d see you there!!! but giggling excited for yah too for all these marvelous stuff coming for yah! have fun and be safe! xxx


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