Watch out America, The Pink One is Coming : Las Vegas Edition

via I can has cheezburger?

So part two of my American Adventure™ is underway! Last August Gareth & I globe-trotted over to Omaha and LA, and this week I’m off to Las Vegas for 2 weeks!

I’m heading out for the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) conference and as it’s such a long way to go, Lisa, David & I thought we’d extend our trip into a little holiday too…oh do a photo shoot with Gala & Nubby! I am SO EXCITED.

It’s the first time in a long time that I will have been away from Gareth for such an extended period though…sad face. I hope he and the kittens don’t destroy the house in my absence. Keep an eye him via his twitter would ya?

So what can you expect on the blog while I’m away? Well I’ve pre-scheduled at least one blog post per-weekday to go up while I’m gone and I’ve got some inspirational interviews and fabulous guest posts to go up in Green Room too. Be sure to keep popping by while I’m away as I’m sure I won’t be able to stay away completely. Wifi permitting I’ll share the odd sneak peek of what I’m up to throughout my trip as well.

Have fun without me lovers…but for now, join me in a little boogie won’t you?

“Bright light city gonna set my soul
Gonna set my soul on fire
Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn
So get those stakes up higher”


  1. Bev Foley

    DITTO, , , well sort of,,,,
    We are going to Vegas on our Honeymoon in 2 weeks, , , YAAAYYYYYY
    xx ENJOY xx

  2. Arrrggghhhhh! You know when you have a crazy idea and then you do it and then it suddenly hits you the night before you go that its actually proper insane? That’s how I feel right now #freakingout

  3. MissKimberlina

    Make sure you go do the Fremont Street Experience in Old Vegas! Also hit Kahunaville Bar in Treasure Island! Have a fab time 🙂

  4. Kathy K

    I live in Las Vegas so, I have a couple of suggestions for your stay. Number one, if you can have dinner at Andres at the Monte Carlo it’s pricey but worth it. Second, The Mob Museum opens this week and it’s so much fun, if you get an opportunity, stop by. If you do come in say hello since I work there. Have a great time in Vegas.

  5. I think I’m gonna go get my hair pinked on Thursday… I ordered a brown wig for work and hopefully it gets here in time! Eeeeeeee!


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