LUSH’s Hard Hitting Campaign Against Animal Testing

July 12, 2012

I was going to put this in Thursday Treats today but after doing some research I feel a simple link amoungst so many other things isn’t enough. I saw this on a news website yesterday and it literally stopped me in my tracks.

Performance artist, Jacqueline Traide, turned herself a lab test subject in the LUSH Regent St store window to highlight some of the procedures done on animals by cosmetics companies who allow animal testing. Her hair was shaved. She was force-fed. She was covered in products… for ten whole hours.

Hard hitting stuff…

I know this article has nothing to do with weddings, or running your own business, or the pretty sparkly things that I usually publish, but I hope you’ll forgive my deviation as I feel stongly that this is something we should all be supporting. This might make me sound over dramatic but it actually makes me feel sick to my stomach that things like this still go on.

Please visit your local LUSH store to sign the petition to stop animal testing. You can also read more about LUSH’s campaign via their dedicated website Fighting Animal Testing.

I’m off to cuddle Henry & Rachel now…

EDIT: I was just sent this list of companies that allow animal testing on their products or the ingredients in their products. I am utterly appalled.