Start Each Day Like it’s your Birthday…

Via J Jump Jennifer

Except today when I’ll be extra specially in the party spirit because it actually is my birthday! Woohooo 28 today.

My plans basically revolve around hoping that Gareth has something in the realms of utter spoiling under this sleeve (no pressure G-man…)

I have a feeling 28 is going to be a very exciting year indeed. Be sure to pop by later today for a super cute ombre cake DIY! My birthday gift to you.


  1. happy birthday Kat!! You survived the year of rock n’roll death! i hope you have a fabulous day and get spoiled! amazeballs!xx

  2. ONly just getting my HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout in on time – I hope you felt well enough to blow out some candles.
    You can always celebrate in a couple of days and just pretend 😉 xxx

  3. JackieLynn

    I turn 28 on the 26th of April! It’s shaping up for a great year for me too..many blessing to you.

  4. isabel

    a bit late, but still – best wishes to You!!! let all your dreams come true !!! 🙂


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