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Oh Canada!


There’s so much I love about teaching The Blogcademy; meeting so many inspiring babes, travelling the world, talking about my favourite subject and getting paid for it… it’s a pretty sweet gig.

Now something you may or may not know about me is that I am frightfully organised – when it comes to my work at least! Gala and Shauna actually nicknamed me “The Secretary” because I’m the one who does all the email, speadsheets and admin for the business. I also organise all the photographers, venues and sponsors. It might sound like a sucky job but that’s seriously my idea of a good time!

BlogcademyWEB-141 BlogcademyWEB-059

As well as furious bongo playing of course

Seeing my organisational skills pay off is so immensely satisfying, and no more so when we arrive at the class and finally get to rummage through the goodie bags. Eye balling the treats that our sponsors have sent for our lucky attendees is a super fun way to pass the time (it’s even better when they send a few extras so we can nick some too!)

Canada was no different, and our contributors really stepped it up for both our Vancouver and Calgary classes. In their custom, branded city tote bags those lucky, lucky Canucks all got to go home with:


♥  Friendship bracelets from Abacus Row ♥ How to take the best selfie book from LA blogcadette Sarah Sloboda ♥ Gorgeous hand drawn cards from Purple and Blue Design Studio ♥ Awesome colour dipped pencils and felt notebooks from Moxie Makery ♥ Cute knitted cacti from Cacti You Can Cuddle ♥ Gorgeous organic cosmetics from San Francisco blogcadette Aquacures ♥ Beautiful jewellery from Eclectic EccentricityAroha Silhouettes and Wwillthebeast! ♥ And a pair of the now infamous glittery ears from Crown & Glory!  ♥


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