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Glitter, Unicorns & A New Year’s Day Nightclub Party!

It’s unusual for me to start a real wedding feature by sharing the video, but Maliya and Dimitris’ film, made by¬†BeingThere Videography, is such a beauty that I can’t help myself. Put this full screen, turn it up loud and enjoy!

Any wedding where the bride rocks pastel pink hair, they have a unicorn wedding cake and they party in a nightclub is all good in my book. Doesn’t this look like the most fun EVER? They were legally married on Christmas Day and had their party on New Year’s Day!

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A Dog Themed Wedding Shoot

Yes you read that right, I really am publishing a wedding shoot with dogs as the stars today. Why not hey!? Not only are there real life dog models but their human counterparts are rocking all manner of puppy themed clobber and the table is covered in doggie plates, kitsch ornaments and the stationery is all puppy themed. I approve!

“The inspiration for this shoot was pretty simple”, explained photographer Ellie Grace, “DOGS! I am a crazy dog lady and I know that if I got married, I would want as much inclusion of dogs as possible. For this shoot I decided that instead of going down a colour theme or specific style, I just thought, dogs and lots of dogs!”

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Your Dream Wedding Dress Awaits: Win £500 to Spend with Chotronette!!

Chotronette for Rock n Roll Bride magazine, photographed by Devlin Photos

Chotronette are amazing. There really is no other way I can start this post, because it’s true. Their dresses are unlike anything else I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot of wedding dresses!) and their price points are, quite frankly, offensively affordable.

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot some of these Romanian designers’ gowns in for Rock n Roll Bride magazine too, and I can attest to the fact that the quality is fantastic. They’re just as stunning and magical in person, yep they’re everything you dream that your alternative wedding dress¬†could be.

To celebrate the launch of their brand new collection, I’m partnering with Chotronette¬†to give you the chance to win ¬£500 to spend on their website! The only difficult part is going to be choosing which gown you’d go for.

How about this incredible purple beauty?

Or this rainbow skirted dream of a gown?

This is the first dress of theirs I ever saw online and I was immediately smitten. It’s magical.

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Private Elopement in Iceland Chasing Aurora Borealis!

Elopements are probably one of my favourite kinds of weddings to publish. There’s just something so romantic and so ‘We don’t give a fuck what you think’ about them. Plus, when a couple elopes somewhere as spectacularly beautiful as Iceland, you just know the photographs are going to be completely and utterly wonderful.

Katie and Joe flew to Iceland from the the US for their secret wedding in April.¬†“We planned our Icelandic elopement together with the help of our brilliant photographer, Rebecca Douglas from the UK”, said Katie. “We approached Rebecca with a general idea of what we wanted our wedding day to look and feel like and she made the magic happen!”

“We married each other at sunset on the black sand shores of Reynisfjara near Vik. Joe and I both wanted to write our vows in Iceland, surrounded by the beautiful scenery, excitement, and romance of eloping together. I wrote my vows the morning of our wedding and Joe wrote his vows in Rebecca’s car as we travelled between shoot locations! We were married again afterwards in a little court house in Pennsylvania to legalise our marriage in the United States.”

Katie’s dress was custom made for her by¬†Weekend Wedding Dress who she found on Etsy. “When I first approached the designer, Emi, I knew a traditional white wedding dress wasn’t the right for me.” she explained. “I wanted an icy blue, lace dress, something timeless and unique to match Iceland’s scenery. I wore it with North Face hiking boots which were perfect for hiking up a glacier on our big day!”

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Rock n Renovation: How to Buy a Project House

I’ve had so many messages since I started this series from people who are either buying their first house, or buying a renovation project, and are wondering if I have any advice. If you read my first post in this series you will already know that we had a DOOZY of a time trying to secure this place (I’ll tell you all about it over something¬†alcoholic one day) so actually, I do have quite a few words of wisdom/ warning (delete as appropriate) for you!

I’m going to focus on buying a renovation project home here, as there is so much advice out there for first time buyers already, a quick Google session should set you right.

Do your research

Once you’ve found your dream home, ask the estate agent lots of questions such as how long it’s been up for sale, it’s history and if any previous sales have fallen through (and why). This will help you when it comes to negotiating. If the property has been on the market for a while it could mean the owner will take a lower offer,¬†however if there’s been lots of interest it might end up going to sealed bids.

It’s also important to work out if you’re getting a good deal so look into house prices in the area (you can find what things have sold for in the past on Rightmove). Our house was on the market for at least ¬£200,000 LESS than similar sized houses on the street. When we looked around inside we could tell why (because of the level of work) but another house went up a little after ours for nearly ¬£800,000 and still had to be completely gutted. Funnily enough that one is still on the market now!

Get a builder’s estimate

The price of the house is one thing, but if a lot of work needs doing it’s important to figure out how much all that is going to set you back too. We’ve decided to go down the rather unconventional route of doing almost everything ourselves, but that didn’t stop us getting estimates from contractors to work out how much they’d be charging us if we were to hire them. This has really helped us figure out if a job is worth DIYing.

For example, replacing the joists in the ground floor was going to set us back around £5000 to get a professional in but when Gareth priced up the materials they came to less than £600 (including buying some new tools he needed!) Gareth is brilliant at figuring out how to do things like that himself (lots of forum and YouTube research) so for us, doing it as a DIY was a no-brainer. Yes it takes longer (wayyy longer!) but for us anyway, the huge saving made it worth it (one room down, two to go Рha!)

Be realistic

Gareth and I were very much driven by our hearts with this purchase. It was the only house we saw that even came close to being what we were looking for and as soon as we walked through the front door we were both smitten. However, having never taken a project of this scale on before we had to be realistic about a) What we could afford b) How long it was going to take and c) If we actually had the time to do it.

In the end we decided the risk was worth it. Luckily the house was perfectly liveable as is, so we were happy to take the leap! The electrics were old but functional, the heating turned on and warmed up whole house, and having a working kitchen and two perfectly functional bathrooms meant we would at least be able to eat and bathe properly during all the work.

Look beyond the decor

If you’re buying a project it stands to reason that you’ll be looking past the terrible wallpaper and dodgy carpet, but be sure to also look beyond that. What state are the walls in? Are there lots of cracks everywhere? Do the floors need replacing? Will knocking down walls solve any layout issues (and if so are they structural)? What about the electrics or the water? Is it connected to all the utilities? Is there excess damp?

Not only will sorting any of these things be an expense, but if you’re living in the place too you have to be sure that it’s going to be safe.

Get a full structural survey

After you’ve had your offer accepted it’s time to get a structural building survey (if its an older property your mortgage company may insist on one in fact). This will give an idea of the condition of the house, the extent of any necessary repairs and the likely cost. A survey may also highlight issues that you weren’t aware of that can be used to negotiate¬†before you exchange.

Your mortgage company will do their own valuation too, but this literally just means someone will go in and have a quick look to check whether they think the price you’re paying is reasonable (so that if you default and they have to resell it they think they can get their money back). It does not replace a structural builder’s survey. A full structural survey will cost you somewhere between ¬£600-¬£1000 but it’s vital! You could end up making a very expensive mistake if problems crop up that you could have known about before you bought.

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The Painted Leather Jacket

I’m not usually one for wedding ‘trends’ but if there’s one that I can totally get behind, it’s the painted leather jacket. What a perfect way to add some personalisation to your wedding outfit, while looking totally bad ass at the same time! Team it with a floaty dress and black boots and you’re on to a total winner.

This shoot, send over by photographer¬†Rebecca Searle ticks all these boxes and so many more. I’m so thrilled to be sharing it today!

“This is a¬†seductively dark editorial featuring a painted leather jacket and handmade lace boots”, Rebecca writes. “This shoot is dedicated to the bride who is not afraid to celebrate her inner rock chick but who also wants a beautifully polished bridal look.”

“Our original inspiration stemmed from seeing the incredible painted leather jackets created by Wolf & Rosie. We knew they would pair perfectly with the understated elegance of the Kate Edmondson dresses which have such a contemporary grace about them. Once we stumbled across the totally unique, and rather provocative and fun ‚ÄėGoodnight Sweetheart‚Äô lace boots by House of Elliot, we knew they would all fit together perfectly.”

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