Elegance & Bling with a Charitable Twist

Farawayland Weddings

December 1, 2023

The Pop-Up Chapel Co. is not your typical wedding venue – it’s a revolutionary concept that pairs pop-up chapels with charities and top-notch vendors to create a distinctive wedding experience. Since launching, they have married over 400 couples and raised over $100,000 for various causes.

For couples like Tami and Dushane, the appeal was in the simplicity and uniqueness of the experience. The Pop-Up Chapel Co. takes care of every detail, from venue and décor to officiant, photography, flowers, music and refreshments for up to 30 guests. It’s a hassle-free way to create a memorable day while giving back to the community.

Describing their wedding theme as “elegant and full of bling,” Tami and Dushane aimed to create an atmosphere that simply reflected their desire to become one big happy family.

“We saved so much money on the venue due to using The Pop-Up Chapel”, the bride told us. “It was such a great experience; all we had to do was show up in what we wanted to wear and everything else was taken care of. We were able to have access to an extravagant venue that we would not normally be able to afford.”