A Festive Winter Wonderland Central Park Celebration

Hannah Jan Photography

December 8, 2023

From “really bad portraits” to a spinning wedding cake, Leti and Andrew’s winter wonderland wedding in Central Park was all about having fun. They hired Ricky from Really Bad Portraits draw guests throughout dinner and cocktail hour and he was so popular, he ended up having to stay late! They also brought in custom video games company to homage to the fact the couple bonded over their mutual love of video games in the early part of their relationship.

“We really didn’t have a major theme for our wedding”, the bride told us, “But it was somewhat of a winter wonderland. We were mostly inspired by our neighbourhood! We’ve lived in the Upper West Side for some time now and thought it would be great to just walk or bike to our wedding and get ready together the day of.”

The ceremony included theme songs from their favourite movies and shows. A pianist played the White Lotus theme song as guests took their seats, and a bonsai tree planting ceremony was a really special moment.

The party afterwards really went off! “Our favourite part was the Hora Loca”, Leti continued. “In most Latin weddings, there’s a moment when dancers and musicians come out with props to liven up the party. We had a packed dance floor, which is what we were hoping for when planning the wedding,”

Of their $110,000 budget, their biggest costs was the florals. They knew these would really make or break the way the venue looked and worked with Cress Floral Decorators who took their winter wonderland vision and made it a reality. “At the beginning of the planning process, we agreed to prioritise floral since we are both big on greenery and plants. We also decided to do all-white flowers last minute since we wanted to brighten up the venue.”

The couple did face a number of challenges throughout their planning. Their venue closed down only a few weeks after their wedding, but despite the hurdles, Leti and Andrew persevered, creating a day that was true to them. “We suggest discussing what each of you wants to prioritise as a couple”, they concluded. “It’s easy to get tempted into upgrading tables, napkins, food courses… Also, just because you’ve never seen it in a wedding doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong there! Have fun and choose things that make you happy!”