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Adventure & Aviation Themed Mexican Wedding… With Underwater Portraits!

There is a special Rock n Roll Bride legendary status bestowed upon any couple that jump into a lagoon, in their full wedding get up, as part of their wedding celebrations. Dilena and Derek, who were married in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico did just that! And, yes, it’s was spectacular as it sounds. The drone photos though, I mean GODDAMN, this utter is photographic magic!

They wanted their March wedding to be themed around travel and their love of Mexico itself. “Derek and I love aviation and it was one of the first topics we talked about when we first met”, explained the bride. “Since then we try to travel someplace new each year and wanted to add this element to our wedding. We both love adventure, travel and experiences we wanted to create this for our guests and family.”

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Introducing: Anti Bride Tribe


Yesterday I had an idea… Actually let me back up for one second… Yesterday I got MAD about something I saw online. It was a post that was so dismissive of anyone getting married that wasn’t white, straight, slim and able-bodied that I got ANGRY AS HELL and it sparked an idea.

As you (hopefully) know, I’ve been championing alternative weddings for over a decade but there is only so much I can do on my own. This blog and the magazine are my way of showcasing incredibly bad ass brides, beautifully unique weddings and all-killer-no-filler wedding day inspo. Whatever your style, budget, ethnicity or sexual orientation you will see yourself represented on our digital and print pages. It is my life mission and my one true goal, to make everyone feel worthy to find love and get married. It might seem like a trivial thing to some but I really do believe that the way we see ourselves when we hit this important milestone has a direct and very real impact on how we live our lives as a whole.

But it still didn’t feel like I was quite doing enough. Bloggers often talk about ‘their little corner of the internet’ and in many ways that’s very true. After all, there are only so many weddings and so many ideas I can share. This is just a tiny corner of cyberspace and the magazine is just one publication in a vast sea of homogenised, hetronormative, cis-gendered, white washed wedding media CRAP.









But you’re out there, A GODDAMN ARMY of you doing your weddings in your own way. Saying FUCK YOU to a wedding industry that doesn’t cater to you but is perfectly happy to profit off your insecurities with diets and surgery and #sheddingforthewedding. Saying THIS IS ME, I’M UTTERLY GLORIOUS, I DESERVE TO FIND LOVE, TO BE HAPPY WITH WHO I AM AND TO SEE MYSELF REPRESENTED.

So I decided to post about it on Instagram, encouraging my followers to use the hashtag #antibridetribe to show their own non-confirming, diverse, utterly gorgeous wedding images and OH MY GOD it went OFF. Within an hour my post had had over 3000 likes, 150 comments and the hashtag had over 100 photos on it.

If you missed it, here’s what it said:

INTRODUCING: #antibridetribe It’s been a long while since I’ve had a proper rant you guys. Like, I feel like I’m generally a pretty positive person (I’ll fully admit this wasn’t always the case!) but sometimes, just sometimes, I see things online that get me so fucking angry I start to shake. Diversity and inclusion is a big topic right now, especially in the wedding industry. It’s taken a while for people to catch up but finally – FINALLY – the wedding industry at large seems to be waking up and realising that not everyone that gets married is white, slim, straight and able-bodied. But they still have a LONG way to go. There’s a lot of tokenism going on right now, which in many ways makes me even angrier, but that’s a topic for another day! I am proud that Rock n Roll Bride has been championing weirdos and outcasts for over ten years now but I want to do more. I want to learn and I want to do better. I want to use this, and all my platforms, as shining beacons of positivity, diversity and HOPE for anyone who thought they didn’t fit in, that they couldn’t find love, that they didn’t feel accepted or that the wedding industry wasn’t there for them. WELL ROCK N ROLL BRIDE IS HERE FOR YOU. So, here’s what I want us to do. I want us so start a mini-revolution, a movement right here on Instagram. I want you to post photographs of your beautiful selves looking your fiercest on your wedding day. If you are plus size, if you are a POC, if you are disabled, non-binary, LGBT+, heavily tattooed, marginalised, IF YOU SIMPLY DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU FIT IN, this is for you. Post your photos using the hashtag #antibridetribe, and I will do the same. I want to look at that hashtag and be greeted with a colourful, diverse, collective of fucking beautiful woman, all rocking their own breed of awesome weirdness, being unashamedly themselves and saying a big FUCK YOU to the wedding industry that doesn’t see them. I love you. I see you. You’re glorious. 🌈 Photo by @camerahannah 🌈 dress by @thecoutureco 🌈

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Why You Should Be Thinking Outside the Box with Your Wedding Venue

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found sorting the venue one of most stressful parts of wedding planning. Not only is it one of the first things you need to do (you can’t set your date, send out invitations or even really start planning your decor and theme until you know where the day will take place) but almost everything else hinges on getting this part right. A fantastic venue will make your wedding day feel like a dream, whereas one that isn’t quite right will make the whole process a bit of a nightmare.

There are thousands of incredible wedding venues to chose from all over the country, and whatever style of celebration you want to have, you will be able to find one that you love. However I have always been a champion of thinking outside of the box when it comes to your search. While a more traditional space, that does weddings week in week out, will obviously have it’s advantages (experienced staff, everything you might need already in place, packages to keep things simple…) there really is something to be said about going off the beaten path a bit, ESPECIALLY, if you’re planning an alternative wedding. Not only will it often be cheaper as there won’t be lots of “wedding extras” included, but you’ll end up with a setting as unique as you want your wedding itself to be.

For example, have you ever considered a holiday resort as a wedding venue? I’ll be honest, I actually hadn’t either! That was until Darwin Escapes got in touch and I immediately wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before. Not only do they offer accommodation for all your guests, one of their properties has a freakin’ TREEHOUSE where you can go and stay for your mini moon!

Darwin Escapes is one of the UK’s fastest growing travel brands with a growing portfolio currently standing at 21 holiday resorts located all over the country. Each holiday park has its own unique character meaning whatever type of setting you’re after, whatever style of wedding you’re planning, they’re somewhere you should consider. Some of my all-time favourite memories as a child were at holiday resorts with my family, so imagine being able to recreate that magic on your wedding day!?

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Greek Mythology Inspired Elopement in the Dominican Republic

YOU GUYS! Stop everything because you need to see this incredible elopement like NOW. Married in January on Macao beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Masya and Sasha, who live in Russia, had a traditional Greek ceremony in the most non-traditional way!

Maysa explains her feelings for her newly minted husband: “We believe that God creates us in two halves. One half remains within us and the better half is disunited. The journey of our lives is to wander through continents, oceans, nationalities, and social status to reunite with our other half. I recognised Sasha as my better half who I had been searching all my life as soon we we met. The feeling came to me so instinctively that I knew he was my soul mate. I have never felt so happy before when I am with Sasha. We are so much like each other that you can say we are our own reflection.”

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Poolside Palm Springs Wedding

Lauren and Matt’s goal for their wedding was simple: they wanted an intimate celebration where they could spend the week before with their families. To achieve this they rented a private home in Palm Springs rather than going for a traditional wedding venue. This meant more work, of course, but a bigger reward at the end of it too!

The wedding had a mid-century modern aesthetic, but with a really homely, backyard feel. “We searched hard for a venue that would give us this vibe without having to make anything feel too ‘themed'”, explained Lauren. “We were inspired by the architecture and tones of the desert, since we both love those elements of Palm Springs.”

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The “Fuck It!” Bucket

Stressed out with wedding planning? Aleisha McCormack of The Bridechilla Podcast is here to show you how to throw all that wed-stress into the Fuck It Bucket!

There’s something pretty freaking empowering about saying no to things that you thought you needed but you don’t.

To get married, you really only need three things: you, your partner, and someone to marry you. That’s it. All of the other stuff is fun (and sometimes unnecessary) icing on the cake and those extras are often the things that stress us out the most.

The concept of being a Bridechilla, well my interpretation, is all about simplifying the wedding planning process and removing all of the extra tasks, stress, and stuff that we’ve been told over and over again that we need when in reality, they are entirely optional. It’s about enjoying the process and focusing on what matters the most… that you’ve found your fellow weirdo and you and that weirdo are planning an awesome party together.

The concept of the fuck it bucket isn’t new (people have been putting stuff in it for years!), however in this instance I was inspired by a Reddit/Weddit thread, where couples listed all of the details and worries that they were going to ditch. My interpretation of the Bridechilla fuck it bucket is that it is a magical vessel where all of your wedding expectations, tasks, and unfinished DIY projects go.

The fuck it bucket (FIB for short) comes in handy when disposing of the things that you initially thought were important, but six months (or six minutes) in you realise aren’t worth it. It can include traditions, expectations, trends, gifts and well-intentioned DIY projects can all find a new home in the FIB. Everyone’s FIB contains different things, and that is A-OK.

Recently a wedding planner I had as a guest on the Bridechilla Podcast suggested that we should reverse the process by putting everything in the FIB to start with and by doing this only retrieving things that are really important. Start simple and add-on.  Here are but a few suggestions of things that you can place in the FIB and watch burn.


The day after party/brunch/lunch can be an excellent way to share some more time with your guests, but like many wedding-related events, they can also feel like an extra production. What used to be just “Let’s meet for a brunch or a BBQ,” has turned into “Let’s plan a third wedding.” Some people create fully catered events with staff and fancy china – who has the time? (or the budget?) If you are keen to host a day-after event but lack time and money to organise it, consider asking your in-laws or extended family to host the event (which is a great job to pass on, especially if they are keen to help). If you just want to call it a day at the end of your wedding and go home or off to a honeymoon somewhere delicious, then chuck the day-after events straight into the FIB and move on with your life.


One of my favourite things to chuck straight in the FIB is gifts.

Gifts for the bridal, gifts for the parents, gifts for the driver that drove you to the venue. I mean, we seem a little bit obsessed with giving people gifts. Don’t get me wrong; I love gifts – I love receiving gifts, I love giving gifts. But at the moment, we are going through a gift-giving renaissance. And the renaissance needs to end because The Bridechilla community is swamped with messages from Chillas saying:

I don’t know what to give this person as a gift.
I feel stressed about having to find a gift.
I haven’t got time to think about a gift.
Do I need to give them a gift?
How much should I spend on the gift?
When should I give them the gift?
Do I need to give them a gift to say, “Would you be in my bridal party?”
Do I need to give them a gift to say, “Thanks for organising”?

No! Stop it! Stop with the gifts. It stresses me out, man. And again, it’s like the gift bag. The thought is lovely, but no one’s going to judge you, or think any less of you, if you don’t give them a special wine bottle with a personalised label that says “Will you be my bridesmaid?” And another special box of perfume to say “Thank you for being my bridesmaid.” A card, or something handwritten and delightful, is perfect and much more personalised and thoughtful, especially if you’re on a budget. Excess gifts are in the FIB now.

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