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A Lush Hen Party

Did you know that Lush do private parties after hours? I know right, how amazing is that!? When I made this discovery I knew I had to find an excuse to book one, and Sophie’s hen do a couple of weeks ago was the perfect opportunity!

Dressed in our sparkiest finery, we descended on the Canterbury Lush store just as it was closing not knowing exactly what to expect, but sure that it would be a hell of lot of fun. We had the entire shop at our disposal and the two ladies who hosted us were, in expected Lush employee fashion, super welcoming and enthusiastic. They even let us bring in our own prosecco and snacks.

Sophie’s amazing dress is from Missguided, her sash was made by Oh Squirrel.

The evening started by us making a blueberry face mask, which we all got to take home in our goodie bags. Next we were all seated around a large table and each given a hand treatment and massage with the Rub Rub Rub scrub. Soft hands a-plenty we then played a suitably embarrassing hen do game of each having to mould something naughty out of their Fun rainbow soap. We then voted whosee was the rudest as I’m very proud to announce that I was the winner – ha. I even got a prize!

After a final -ahem- amended game of pin the tale on the donkey (hint, there was no tail and no donkey) we were each handed a shopping basket and told we each had £10 to spend! Oh my goodness, a supermarket sweep in Lush? Yes please! I bought myself some of my favourite Rockstar soap and a couple of bubble bars. Our picks where then added into our individual goodie bags which we all got to take away!

Sorry mum…

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Brand New Dress Designs from Chotronette!

Rock n Roll Bride favourite, Chotronette, have just dropped their brand new collection and be still my beating heart! The designer duo, known for their jaw dropping colourful, floral creations are back… With a bang.

With prices ranging from an incredible £200-£1000 (yes, really!) these beauties need to be on your radar, stat!

From dramatic floral numbers to metallic touches and a rainbow of colours to keep even the most non-traditional brides happy, these Romanian designers took our wedding dress dreams and made them a reality.

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Issue 16 On Sale TODAY!

Run, don’t walk, down to your local newsie today and grab the latest issue of Rock n Roll Bride. Available in WhSmiths, Smith’s Travel, Sainsburys and selected newsagents, I can’t wait for you to get your mitts on it!

Want a preview of what’s inside? Check this out!

You can also still order the magazine online (with free UK shipping and worldwide delivery available) or if you really want to treat yourself, you can even subscribe so you never miss an issue.

I’ve already been cracking on with putting the next issue together and I want to make sure this is a magazine for YOU. So if you have any ideas, or burning questions, general concerns or wedding planning worries that we can help with, do let me know!

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Take the Hassle Out of Wedding Dress Shopping with House of Webb’s New Online Boutique (+ Exclusive Reader Discount!)

Taking inspiration from iconic fashion of previous eras, the House of Webb have been using traditional couture tailoring techniques to create timeless bridal wear for the past 15 years. The finest fabrics are perfectly cut, precisely fitted and beautifully finished to make unique bridal gowns and wedding ensembles by their in-house design team in Coventry, UK.

However, with the launch of their brand new innovative online boutique service, now any bride can experience having a custom made couture-finished wedding dress, wherever you are in the world!

The process to getting your very own wedding dress made is surprisingly simple. After you’ve created an account all you have to do is put in your name, wedding date, delivery address, measurements (they can will help you if you need it) and your design choice, including any additional requirements you might have. They will then conduct an online consultation where you discuss your ideas for your dream dress. You can change anything you like from the length, neckline, colour and embellishments. The only limit is what you can dream up! Once you have settled on your final dress design, they will send you a quote.

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Carnivale & AHS Freakshow Inspired Wedding Shoot

There’s something really fun and romantic about carnivals and fun fairs, making them the perfect spot for a cute engagement shoot!

“The inspiration for this shoot came from HBO’s Carnivale, the book Geek Love, Tod Browning’s Freaks, AHS Freakshow, and all things carnival”, said photographer Jillian Ryan. “The shoot took place in Queen Creek, AZ, at Frazier Show’s Carnival. I called the owner beforehand and got permission to shoot there. We were able to come a bit early which was great because no one else was there yet!”

“I hope this shoot inspires Rock n Roll brides and grooms to be unique. This is not your typical wedding location and our model’s aren’t wearing typical wedding clothes. I think the location and the style of the bride and groom really make it stand out. Why not wear a sparkly romper on your wedding day or rent out a carnival as your venue?! Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be. I totally would have gone this route for my own wedding if I’d thought about it at the time! Rock n Roll Bride is all about embracing your own version of weird and awesome, owning it, and doing your wedding your way.”

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Rock n Renovation: The Greenhouse

When we viewed the house and spotted the weird 1960s, curved, brown greenhouse stuck to the back of it, the first thing we said was “Well that’s gotta go right away!” It had broken panes of glass everywhere, you have to walk through it to get out to the garden, and carpet… YES CARPET on the ground. I didn’t think there was ever anything worse than carpet on a bathroom floor, but apparently I was wrong.

When we moved in, we realised the washer/dryer that came with the house was actually just a washing machine and with no extra funds right now to buy a new one, we decided to turn the greenhouse into a makeshift drying room. It actually works really well because, oh sweet baby Jesus, does it get hot in there.

Our cats have also now completely and utterly adopted it as their new Catio. Our two Maine Coons are indoor cats (although we take them around the garden on leads once a week – yes, I know, we’re those kind of crazy cat people) but when they discovered that space, and that sitting in it was almost, almost like sunning themselves outside, well, we basically can’t get them out of it.

So the plans to knock the thing down almost immediately have fallen to the wayside, at least until we extend the kitchen in a few years time. But what to do with it? It’s not massive, only about 2.5 metres squared, which does limit things somewhat.

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