Bowie Parties in Hobbiton Wearing Liberace Cocktail Attire

Let’s Frolic Together

December 5, 2023

With a wedding theme like that, you just know Molly and Peter’s wedding is going to be anything but traditional! The couple, who really wanted to be surrounded by everyone they love and lean into everything that makes them ‘them’, for their wedding, described it as “David Bowie parties in Hobbiton” with a Liberace-inspired cocktail attire dress code, this celebration was a riot of colours, laughter, and of course, love.

“We’re a couple of big kids and weirdos”, they said, “with a love of the ridiculous and hint of glamour. We’d already been together for nearly ten years when we got married so it was meant to be a celebration of love, the commitment and hard work was already there. Fancy dress was encouraged but not required!” Some examples they gave their guests were, “that bridesmaid dress in the back of your closet, your dad’s old velvet tuxedo, Bjork’s swan dress, Oscar Wilde’s purple suit and top hat, the feather outfit Elton John wore on the Muppets… one of the Muppets. Velvet, satin and jewel tones were encouraged.”

With a theme like that, the day itself was obviously going to be filled with unique and memorable moments – from five flower girls in emerald green princess dresses to a hand-stitched cape made by Molly’s mum, adorned with over a hundred pearls. The bride’s brothers marched down the aisle in sunglasses and beer belts, handing out cans to their delighted guests. The couple wrote their own vows, and their officiant surprised them with a call and response to a song from Molly’s favourite movie, Labyrinth.

During their first kiss, confetti cannons exploded, creating a shower of colour and squeals of delight from their assembled guests. The reception was equally fun-filled with with Bowie lightning bolts adorning faces, arms and bald heads. The couple’s first dance to Heroes featured a choreographed routine, and the night ended with them changing into jackets and custom Converse, shaving Peter’s head into a mohawk and exciting to Devil Inside by INXS!

Their favours were also a huge hit and played on their love of Disney and pin collecting. “We thought about beer coozies or glassware, but then Peter had a brilliant idea. We’re big Disney fans, so we gave each guest a random pin and encouraged them to trade with someone they hadn’t met yet. Shout out to my niece, Molly-Sue, who led the charge and traded with nearly every guest!”

For Molly, planning the wedding was a delight from start to finish. Using Canva, she meticulously designed the decor, layouts, outfits and signage, using lots of colours but planning it so everything looked cohesive. “I really loved planning everything”, she explained. “Going into it all knowing that we were going to be really authentic to who we are, we didn’t hold ourselves to any traditions or expectations. I started using Canva early on to develop everything – given all the colours, I really wanted to make sure that everything looked cohesive. This was also really handy to have for our florist and suit designer as they could see the exact colours we were using and get a feel for our style.”

However, her favourite part of the wedding day? Having everyone together again after two years of separation, “Between us moving away and the pandemic, it had been two years or more since most of us were gathered. It was even more exciting because we were so intrigued to see what everyone would be wearing.”