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Budget-Friendly Gothic Pirate Wedding

Pixie and Jak didn’t want to spent a huge amount to get married, so planned a wedding to reflect their love of pirates (the groom) and gothic elements (the bride) with a budget of £7500. “In the early stages of preparing for our big day, we decided to do it all ourselves”, said Pixie, “which meant that we could get the style that is personal to ourselves. It also helped us to keep within the budget.”

They were married in August at Moorland Garden Hotel on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. They kept the costs down by having the bride’s aunt make the cake, opting for artificial flowers over real ones and making their own stationery.

“The wedding theme was very personal to us, having a gothic twist with a shade of pirate”, she continued. “My husband and his best men ere all in their pirate swagger and I wore a gothic wedding dress and had bright purple hair.”

The bride found her dream dress for a steal on Facebook! “I was on the hunt for that perfect dress, trying dress after dress until I found that perfect one. One night I decided to see if I could find myself a bargain online and with a bit of searching and some good fortune, I found a post listed locally on Facebook. My perfect dress, never worn, in my size at a bargain price! The dress alterations were designed by myself and was brought to life by the  Bridal Emporium in Exeter. I had black tulle added to the bottom over the top of the ivory. A black silk belt was sewn into the waist. My auntie gave me a wedding gift on the day which was attached to my dress, a gothic brooch with a fairy on it.”

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Elegant & Botanical Twin Peaks Wedding

With a £17,000 budget and a shed ton of amazing ideas, Rebecca and Callum planned a Twin Peaks inspired wedding at The Sefton Palm House in Liverpool.

“To quote Twin Peaks, our theme was ‘both wonderful and strange’,” began the bride. “Our huge inspiration for our wedding was the wonderful and unique work of David Lynch in particular Twin Peaks! We wanted to have a wedding that was full of references and features from the show, without it being naff, we wanted guested who had never seen the show to come, and get it and think it was a beautiful wedding with a quirky well done theme!”

“I honestly felt everything about our day was unique”, she continued, “there was this amazing atmosphere through out the day, everyone was so happy and you could really feel the love. Our theme really echoed our quirky sense of humour and style and we were able to incorporate some traditional elements of a wedding into a very unusual theme which was very surreal as they went hand in hand!”

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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

There are plenty of things you can do to limit the impact your wedding will have on the environment. You don’t even have to sacrifice your budget, vision or sanity to do so! Here are five small things you can do that will make a big different.

Choose a carbon-friendly wedding venue such as The Green House Hotel in Dorset. The hotel was designed to prove that total luxury and sustainability really do go together. The vibe of a Green House wedding never really changes – glamorous yet relaxed, intimate yet beautiful and kind to the environment. 

The Green House is entirely self-sufficient and carbon neutral generating its own electricity on site and producing energy from solar panels. This brings your carbon footprint down drastically as you’re not using fossil fuels to heat or run your wedding venue.

Recycle 100% of your waste or choose a venue that can do this for you. The average wedding can generate up to half a tonne of rubbish so recycling this will make a huge difference to your wedding’s impact on the environment.

Consider your food’s air miles. They have as much impact on the environment as human air miles do. If you’re eating steak from Argentina and drinking wine from New Zealand, your carbon footprint won’t thank you for it. Try and keep your food as local as possible and if you want to go the extra non-carbon mile opt for mostly organic or even vegan options.

Source your flowers locally. Around 90% of cut flowers are imported into the UK (mostly from Holland) but if you can source them locally it’s going to be much better for the environment. Better still find a florist who only uses organic blooms so no nasty chemicals were used to produce them. Alternatively, forgo cut flowers entirely. Plants make great centerpieces (and can be planted afterwards!) or you could even make your centrepieces and bouquet out of a recyclable material such a paper flowers or pom poms!

Start as you mean to go on. Have digital invitations or create your stationery from recycled paper. Give away seeds as wedding favours. Find a dressmaker who uses recycled, ethically sourced or sustainable fabrics such as vegetarian silk. Making a conscious consumer decision on all these things will lower your carbon footprint and set the tone for your green wedding.

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Issue 18 on Pre-Sale Today!

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£4.99 9.95

I hope you all had the most gloriously relaxing Christmas – were there any festive engagements around your way?

Now don’t worry, you’re not required to peel yourself away from Netflix and the family sized box of Quality Street just yet, but I just wanted to pop by today to let you know that our January/ February issue is available for pre-order from today!

Oh my goodness, this cover. Some of you may already recognise this total fox as Sophie from Crown and Glory. My BFF, my collaborator and an all round wonderful human. Being her maid of honour in September was one of my highlights of 2017 and so OF COURSE we had to feature her wedding in the magazine and stick her pretty face on the cover. Thank you to Devlin Photos for totally nailing this shot.


I’m pretty darn excited for you to see this issue. Not just because it’s packed full of the 11 exclusive real weddings, a stunning sequin photo shoot shot at Dreamland and advice a-plenty to help get you amped up and inspired to plan your wedding in your own way… BUT one of my favourite body positive role models has written you a little sommat sommat too.

I’ve been obsessed with Megan Jayne Crabbe (aka @bodypositvepanda) ever since I discovered her. I bought her book as soon as it was available and reading her words never fails to make me feel GOOD. And she must be doing something right because she’s amassed nearly ONE MILLION followers on Instagram!

So obviously, she is a super busy and in-demand lady so I wasn’t sure she’d even reply when I messaged her to ask if she’d be interested in writing a piece for the magazine. If there was one person I wanted to pen something about weight loss and weddings for our January issue it was her. Now not only did she reply right away, BUT SHE SAID YES. The article she’s written is INCREDIBLE, inspiring and the perfect antidote for all the weight loss/ detox/ new year new you bullshit that is heading our way as soon as January 1st rolls around.

The illustrations in her article were created for us by the super talented Jasmine Floyd (I love them so much I might have to get them printed out to hang in my office). I can not wait for you to read this one.

Who wants a little cheeky preview of what else you’ll find inside the issue? Oh go on then…!

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The Best of Rock n Roll Bride: 2017 in Review

Photo: Heart Full of Tea

One of my favourite things about this time of year is that day when I finally decide to switch off (literally switch off my computer for a week!) and allow myself to take a few days away to watch festive movies, eat too much cheese and basically chill the hell out. This is our first Christmas in our new house too so it’s definitely going to be a double celebration.

This time last year we’d been trying to get an offer accepted on the place for over a month and it already felt like we’d never actually get there…. Ahh if only 2016 Kat and Gareth knew what was coming! That journey sure was long and tumultuous. The fact that all the renovations are going quite slowwwwly at the moment pales in comparison to the stress of that time!

And no, the photos of me in this post were not taken in our house – I wish! Our place is still very much a building site, believe me. We are, however, hosting our first festive event (EVER) here on Christmas Eve. At the grand old age of 33 I’m finally brave enough to play hostess. There will be seven of us over for dinner (I’m cooking!) and our decor inspiration is Ross and Emily’s wedding from Friends (ha).

Usually at this time of year I will post multiple round up articles between Christmas and New Year linking back to all my favourite weddings… shoots… advice posts… personal milestones etc. But I’m going to be totally real with you right now: I DON’T THINK I HAVE THE ENERGY! This last few months have been insane and I feel like I’ve been running on empty for most of it. So this year, I’m going share all my highlights in one monster post and allow myself a few extra days off.

Before we begin, I really couldn’t round the year off without giving a huge heartfelt thanks to every single one of you that reads the blog, buys the magazine and follows me on social media. It’s sometimes all too easy to focus on how busy/ stressed/ tired/ anxious I am and not take the time to stop and appreciate all the good things. For example, this comment that Jenny wrote on Instagram the other day almost made me well up.

“Thanks also to @rocknrollbride for the courage to be myself and go for a short dress, colourful petticoats and shoes that initially made my nearest and dearest cringe. Kat, you are a breath of fresh air in the wedding industry, and your mag/ blog was like a big hug every time I started to second guess myself and feel insecure about my choices.”

Photo: Heart Full of Tea

Comments like that make it all worthwhile. Not just because its such a bloody nice thing to say, but because at times this year has felt like an uphill struggle in many aspects. Reading something like that  REALLY does cement in my mind why I’m still so passionate about the work that I do and the message that I spread. It’s not really about weddings at all, it’s about self love, self expression and self acceptance and that’s something I hope you will all bring into your everyday lives long before and after your wedding day.

As well as publishing (and continuing to grow!) the print magazine, launching a wedding planner book and another veil collection with Crown and Glory (the 2018 collection drops on January 8th!) a real professional highlight of 2017 has had to have been permanently bringing people into the Rock n Roll Bride team. Not only do I now always work with the same team on all the magazine photo shoots (Erica, Alex, Lisa, Jo and Lou – I freakin’ love you all!) but we also have not one, but two members of editorial staff (hi Rachel, hi Erin!) I haven’t made a big song and dance about it, but you may have seen their names cropping up as the authors of most of our real wedding featured on the blog these days. Having these two megababes helping me out with website content has meant I’ve had more time for focusing on the magazine, and larger brand collaborations and advertising partnerships.

For YEARS I’ve resisted bringing anyone else on, but finally (FINALLY) I’ve realised just what a big difference having some extra pairs of hands can make to my workload (and sanity!) These women are all insanely talented and just as passionate about the brand ethos as I am and I couldn’t have got through 2017 without them.

I’ve learnt a lot in the past year about friendship, business, marriage, house buying (!)… everything really. Although its not been without its struggles, I think overall 2017 has been a pretty darn good year. All-in-all I’m happier than I’ve ever been but here’s to making 2018 even more amazing!

So now, without further ado, here is some of my favourite features from the past twelve months. ENJOY!


What getting divorced taught me about marriage

Your size has nothing to do with how happy you’ll be on your wedding day

Who’s wedding is it anyway? Managing meddling family members

Wonky bride seeks winning wedding: A disabled bride’s wedding journey

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A Wedding Photographer with an Ethical Pricing Policy (PLUS A 10% Discount for All Readers!)

It’s not that often that we’re able to give some love to our Canadian readers (or those of you having a destination wedding in Canada!) but today is that day. And I’m pretty darn thrilled to introduce you to Toronto wedding photographer, ByCalin, because not only is he passionate about wedding photography, he’s vehement about pricing his services ethically and passing any savings he makes in his business onto her clients!

All his prices and options are listed clearly on his website so there will be no tiresome back and forth trying to figure out how much your requirements for your wedding photography is going to cost.

Other important things to know about ByCalin’s ethical pricing policy are:

That there are no hidden fees. If your wedding is taking place in the greater Toronto area, the the prices quoted are the price you’ll pay. Period. He’s not going to swoop in and tell you you need to pay extra for travel, editing, or tax at the last minute. If you are having a destination wedding, or you’d like to fly him out to your location to shoot you, he’ll discuss all the associated costs upfront, before you have to make any decisions.

His pricing has been put together through extensive market research. ByCalin‘s packages cost from $2999 (CA) or you can hire him for $460 (CA) an hour if you’re having a short day, or you want less coverage. It’s important to Calin that his photography is ethically priced, and he’s worked really hard to keep his costs low (such as working from home to save studio costs, automating any non-creative part of his processes and focusing on quality, not quantity) so that he can pass those savings onto her clients.

There’s an automatic discount already included in all packages. He says, “One of the most common questions we are asked if we can provide a discount. The simple answer is no. As we are obsessed with cutting costs, our collections already include a discount and you will receive it even if you don’t ask for it! We do not aim to be the cheapest studio in the greater Toronto area but rather provide the best value to our clients.”

However he does have a referral program meaning you could get some money back! “We acknowledge the fact that every couple has a budget”, he explains, “and so we offer a referral program that allows you to receive a discounted rate should you refer us to a friend or family member for their wedding! If you refer someone else, and they book, we’ll reimburse 10% from the fee you’ve paid us. in the past we’ve had some clients pass us on to four friends meaning they got a massive 40% of the fee they paid back!”

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