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Witchy Old Hollywood Wedding on Taco ‘Twos-day’

Even before they were engaged, Teegan and James had an idea that Tuesday the 22nd February 2022 (22/02/22 or 02/22/2022 for our US friends!) would be a fun date to get married. Teegan explained,

“I saw a post on the internet about how February 22nd falls on a Tuesday in 2022. We weren’t even engaged at that point, but I shared it with James and said “It’s the ultimate ‘twosday’, wouldn’t that be a great date to get married on?” A couple months later, James proposed and we agreed that of course we would be getting married on not only the ultimate twosday, but that it would be the ultimate TACO Twosday and we would serve tacos and share with our guests a tequila toast during the reception!”

Falling in love with the architecture of the Anthony Chapel at Garven Woodland Gardens in Arkansas, the couple designed their day around it. They curated the theme of the wedding around the woods and gardens that surround the chapel. “I wanted a touch of vintage flair” Teegan said, “along with deep, saturated natural tones to complement the beauty of the architecture.” 

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Booze-Themed Glam Rock Wedding with an Elvis Officiant

With playful and fun vows, full of Elvis puns in honour of their officiant, Kylie and Chris filled their day with the things they loved.

Kylie is a booze publicist, so they created a customised menu for their day. Sticking to their theme, they wanted the menu to really stand out and named all of the cocktails after their favourite Eagles’ songs. She told us, “I took the beverages very seriously! The Libations Menu was carefully curated, and I worked with the team at Backyard Originals (they’re a local team of bartenders that make liquor ready mixers) to create customised cocktail mixers so my cocktails could be pre-batched for easier service and to eliminate a wait at the bar.”

Flowers were mostly shunned in favour of disco balls, although $300+ worth of hot pink baby’s breath adorned the tables in gorgeous displays by Lucky Dog Studio. Kylie told explained, “My bouquet and Chris’ boutonniere were from Old City’s Petit Jardin en Ville – they were dried floral so we could keep them as keepsakes and are more sustainable. I also had a couple of dried Australian native flowers in my bouquet, as I’m an Aussie!”

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Eyes Wide Shut Meets Friday 13th Wedding

Soraia and Hugo’s dark and spooky wedding was held on Friday 13th in Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal. Although they didn’t have really specific inspiration or references they went back to when pulling together the theme, they wanted it to be dark, yet meaningful to them. The bride wore her mother’s wedding dress, for example, which she had altered into her own style including adding a hooded cape!

“Every little detail was meaningful,” the bride told us, “like my dress, the date we chose (Friday 13th) and the dark but beautiful decorations,. We used a coffin to put the beverages at the reception and a little coffin to put the rings in. Our first dance was inspired by the demon dance from Eyes Wide Shut.”

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Cosy Gothic Winter Wedding in Scotland

Hannah and Cameron started their wedding ceremony with Einstein’s notes on relativity, followed by their families sharing a drink of whisky before saying their vows. With a sprinkling of Celtic traditions, they made it their own with a humanist handfasting ceremony using their families’ tartans and walking back down the aisle to I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness.

Cameron is a high school craft and design teacher, so there was plenty of DIY projects. Hannah told us, “Cameron created all of the signage for the day, including the beautiful mahogany signs on each table. He sanded and shaped each sign, designed the names and decor to be engraved on them and finished them with oil. He also created our welcome sign, order of the day and the various smaller signage at our guestbook etc. and collaborated with the wedding cake designer.”

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Travel & Woodland Inspired Wedding with a First Dance to Metallica

Alex and Joe threw the rule book out for their day, planning a wedding inspired by their own personalities, rather than rules, traditions or other people’s opinions.

Alex explained, “I didn’t wear a white dress, we had a rock DJ and our first dance was to Metallica, Nothing Else Matters. I didn’t really mind what the wedding party wore as long as it was within the colour scheme. We ended the night moshing out to our favourite rock and metal songs. We centred the theme around who we are as a couple, what we like, what we do together and how we’ve built our relationship over the years. This meant there was bits to do with travel, nature/ woodland, pets and our metal/ alternative personalities!”

Picking up some tips from a married friend set Alex and Joe’s expectations on planning a wedding, however Alex told us the worst thing about planning was, “Choosing who to invite/not invite. Ideally we would have had everyone we know, but realistically you can’t. We followed the rule: If you’ve not seen them in the last six months and you wouldn’t take them out for a meal, don’t invite them!”

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Colourful LGBTQ+ Week-Long Beach Wedding

Renting one big property for their guests to stay in, Sam and Lydia made a week of it, taking plenty of time to celebrate their wedding with all the people they loved. They wanted all their guests to feel comfortable, even if they were attending alone, so gave plenty of time for relaxed pre-wedding mingling.

Lydia told us, “We had a pre-wedding mixer with drinks and food so everyone had a chance to break the ice before the big day, because there is nothing worse than awkward small talk! This gave our guests the chance to meet each other so they weren’t feeling lonely when the canapes emerged!”

They truly stamped their own mark on their day, however the couple met their fair share of challenges. Lydia explained, “Literally every single person assumed we were marrying men – no, she isn’t my bridesmaid, friend or sister, she is my future wife!”

The couple walked down the aisle in one long procession so neither was waiting for the other at the end, and their spaniels led the bridal party before them. They chose Electric String Orchestra’s One Day Like This for the bridal party, and Westlife’s Hello My Love for themselves, walking with their dads.

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