Rockabilly Rendezvous in Las Vegas

Sarah Jay Photography

April 1, 2024

Choosing the Graceland Chapel for their nuptials, Marc and Natasha’s Las Vegas wedding was a fine blend of vintage, rockabilly, and good old rock n’ roll. Punctuated with laughter and light-hearted vows, their ceremony was officiated by an Elvis impersonator. Guests were encouraged to dress on-theme and after the ceremony, they embarked on a whistle-stop tour around the city in a 1975 Rolls Royce.

“We very much enjoyed the planning process, as an Elvis wedding was always a dream for us”.” Natasha told us. “Planning a wedding in a city that we’ve never visited had its challenges, however the countless hours that we poured into research, booking venues, creating our website and shopping paid off – it turned out to be the perfect day!”

From their vows in the chapel to photos on the streets of Las Vegas, Marc and Natasha’s wedding was dream come true for this pair from start to finish. During the ceremony Elvis sang a medley of his hits and the couple exchanged emotional vows. “The most memorable moment from the wedding was feeling the energy and excitement of our loved ones, packed in the tiny chapel like sardines, rocking out to Elvis singing Burning Love!” remembered the bride.

Afterwards, they enjoyed an amazing old-school Italian dinner at Piero’s, where they drank great wine and ate delicious steaks. After dinner, they took their guests on board the High Roller to enjoy the nightscapes of Las Vegas. To round out the evening, everyone sang the night away in a private karaoke room!

“The highlight was of course, having the King of Rock n’ Roll marry us, and being with our closest loved ones”. the bride concluded. “Oh, and being cheered on by the Vegas locals as we completed our photo tour around town in a vintage Rolls Royce limo. It was so fun!”