Fairytale meets Macabre Wonderland Wedding

Silver Seas Weddings

May 2, 2024

Loryn and Austin have always loved the bizarre, the wild and the peculiar. They love Burning Man, Ren Faires and any excuse to dress up and transport themselves to another world. So, when they got engaged, they instantly knew they wanted their wedding celebration of that shared passion and they decided to create their own Wonderland wedding!

“Yes, like literal wonderland!”, the bride told us. “We spent over 200 hours building, crafting and DIYing everything from five foot tall mushrooms, giant paper flowers and stacked teacup sculptures to create the unreal feeling of going down the rabbit hole into our personal Wedding Wonderland. We added loads of special touches including aerialists and acrobats (dressed in theme). I wore a a black veil and had a DIY light up skirt for my dress for the reception!”

Married at The Secret Gardens in Bodega Bay, CA, the venue really lent itself to their Wonderland theme. “We got married on Halloween weekend (our favorite holiday of the year)”, Loryn continued. “As an ode to Halloween and our love of a dark and moody aesthetic we decided to revolve the music, decor, food and entertainment around a ‘Fairytale meets Macabre’. It came together like a perfectly bizarre fever dream. It was one of the most emotional and magical days of our lives and we will never forget it.”

The ceremony, where the couple stood on a floating platform to say their vows, was their highlight of the day. The bride made her entrance to Married Life from the movie Up played on a harp (a profoundly meaningful choice because it was the first movie they watched together). To add a touch of Halloween spirit, they incorporated the vows from the Tim Burton movie Corpse Bride into the ceremony, too.

Then came the reception party, which was filled with DIY details and incredible entertainment. Loryn explained, “We spent countless hours scouring thrift stores, hardware shops and fabric stores to bring our vision to life. We had over 50 thrifted mismatched brass candlestick holders and a neon sign reading ‘We’re All Mad Here’ lit up the night. Our signature cocktails were a highlight, with a Tiki drink for my husband and a Lavender Bee’s Knees for me, complete with our homemade syrup and a dry ice spoon featuring a DIY ‘Drink Me’ tag, served in teacups.”

Reflecting on their experience navigating the wedding industry, Loryn advises, “Stay true to your vision. It’s easy to get caught up in trends, but what truly makes a wedding memorable is if it reflects who you are as a couple. The wedding industry offers a plethora of options and trends, but it’s essential to remember that your wedding day should be a reflection of your love and your unique journey together.”