1. MissKimberlina

    Ahhh shes a regular model in Bizarre Magazine 🙂 my my what a gem she is!! Stunning 🙂

  2. yeeeees on the pink brows – They will look awesome with your hair. Ulorn is amazing. This is such a great shoot. The colours totally pop.

  3. She is beautiful! I used to have bright pink hair and I ALWAYS did my brows to match! – I used to just pencil them in with a bright pink lip liner and that did the trick, so there’s a little tip for you if you’re worried about bleaching them and actually dying them…when I was blue I have blue brows I used to use white board marker pen!!!! x

    I’ve only recently discovered your blog! And now I’m obsessed with the idea of getting married!! – what have you done to me!!

  4. I also have a girl crush on Ulorin vex so much so she has her own gallery on our website, have worked with her a couple of times and she is truly amazing, with a figure to die for….she dont need a corset but her waist goes super tiny


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