A Sunday Kind of Love – We Plan, You Play

We Plan, You Play is a brand new kind of wedding blog, and one I’m excited to have been tasked with sharing the official launch of on Rock n Roll Bride. The brainchild stylist and blogger Charley of London Bride and wedding planner Josie from Savoir Weddings, We Plan, You Play aims to start a music loving revolution! They explain,

“One of the least blogged about areas of wedding planning seems to be wedding music, but it’s as important to some brides as the venue or the dress.”

“So we decided to start a new blog for the music loving bride. We Plan, You Play will feature amongst other musical treats, interviews with music loving wedding peeps, general tunes we’re listening to on repeat, and highlights on new and upcoming bands we think are worthy of your attention. And each month we’ll be curating *You Play lists to inspire your wedding playlist. Just 25 songs a month, that we love, and would play at our own weddings.”

“These wedding music playlists include everything from golden oldies to brand spanking new music. Of course, as kids of the 80s and teens of the 90s there will undoubtedly be some classics in there.
And we want your suggestions! We Plan, You Play is going to be a big old collaborative music fest.”

So if you’re struggling for music inspiarion for your big day, We Plan, You Play is here to help. They’ve even interviewed me on my wedding music ideas, so be sure to head over there to check them out too!

Can we also please stop one minute and share some love for photographer Ashton Jean-Pierre who took these promo shots for the site? How fab is he?!?!

Photography Credit: Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography

*This is not a sponsored post. I just love.


  1. Genius idea ladies well done! Good music at your wedding is so important I’m sure this is going to a big hit. Loving the photos too x

  2. Abi Thomas

    Oh you saviour! This is exactly what I need as I can’t get my head around what music we want! 😀

  3. Well done lovelies, this will be another one for the google reader! Both Charley and Josie are great – I would wish luck but I don’t think you need it as this will be brilliant. Love the pictures too!

  4. You guys are all lovely. Has been lots of fun so far and we’re hoping over time it will build up and be a good resource with hours of music you can play at your wedding. Because as we’re learning it takes time to find good tunes!

  5. Thanks Kat so much for the post and for helping launch us!

    Loving all your support everyone on this new fun venture, thank you! And thanks to Ashton for the super pics (sorry for the extreme close up on my chest above ha ha!).

  6. What a fab idea..I’m often asked about recommendations for great bands, etc for weddding receptions…I now pass them this way – good luck ladies 🙂 x

  7. Janine Le Marquand

    A great idea enhanced by beautiful photography. My congratulations go to Ashton Jean-Pierre for capturing the essence of this site.


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