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A Big Sur Wedding at The Henry Miller Library: Sabeena & Ryan

Ahh Big Sur. In the early part of my wedding blogging career I had no idea what this ‘Big Sur’ was… a magical sounding place that all the other wedding bloggers spoke of so often. And then finally I realised the obsession.

These Californain mountains are picturesque. And overlooking the Pacific ocean. Is it any wonder they’re such a popular spot for weddings? Come on English mountains… step it up a bit…

Sabeena & Ryan were married at the Henry Miller Library, a memorial and not-for-profit bookstore in the heart of the region. The couple planned a truly personal wedding, employing as few wedding vendors as possible. The lucky pair were able to call upon the talents of their nearest and dearest to lend a hand with every aspect. “We were engaged on a gorgeous beach on an island off the coast of Panama, at the beginning of a 16 month adventure that took us across the world… so we didn’t even begin thinking about a wedding until almost two years after Ryan popped the question”, explained the bride. “When we finally settled in San Francisco, we knew we wanted to get married somewhere that represented our sense of adventure: somewhere outdoors, non-traditional, a little off the grid. The Henry Miller Library was the perfect place.”

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A DIY Science Museum Wedding: Kira and John

On 26th May this year Kira & John were married in Berkeley, California. The Lawrence Hall of Science at The University of California seemed to be the perfect space to host their reception as the bride had attended school there. It was a unique space and has plenty of things for people to look at and play with throughout the party!

“Our wedding was held at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley”, wrote the bride. “The ceremony was held in a large courtyard called Science Park over a fountain (and exhibit), and the reception was held inside the museum, where all of the hands-on exhibits were open to guests. All of our portraits were taken in the nearby Botanical Gardens. Our officiant was John’s law professor. We included a final blessing repeated by all of our guests… ‘Live long, and prosper!'”

The couple had a DIY wedding with them making the invitations (from a watercolour painting commissioned one of our their favourite online artists, Rebecca Clements), all the bouquets, boutonnieres & corsages, the succulent centrepieces (which they grew themselves!) and the paper tissue pom poms. “Our wedding theme was DIY,” Kira continued, “from the scientific fun and lifetime learning exhibited at the museum to the handmade crafts we brought and our whole approach to the event. It was an extremely personal reflection of us as a couple, and broke my family’s tradition of a Chinese American church ceremony and seafood banquet in a Chinese restaurant. We wanted to make new traditions.”

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A Malibu Poolside Wedding: Frances & Arianne

Are you ready to partaaaay!? Well even if your answer is “er Kat, it’s a Wednesday, who parties on a Wednesday?” I hope I might change your mind when you see Frances & Arianne’s totally rad wedding. These guys make me wanna jump in a swimming pool and dance until dawn!

The wedding was held at Malibu Nature Preserve. “I’m not really sure what made us particularly Rock n Roll,” wrote Arianne. “We just chose things that we loved. We picked things that reflected us even if it wasn’t traditional. We used feathers instead of flowers, converse instead of dress shoes, and we walked down the aisle to our favorite songs. But I think the most unique part of our wedding was the give away. With Fran being Native American, in her culture it is customary to give all of your guests individual gifts to show your appreciation. We picked out things for everyone that reflected them as a person. It was such a pleasure seeing everyones face when they opened their gifts.”

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A Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Wedding: Kristi & Ben

Our Labor of Love, Sharkpig, The Flashdance, Smilebooth.… oh boy did Kristi & Ben have the dream team behind their San Francisco wedding! With an Alice in Wonderland theme and a ceremony at the Golden Gate Park, they really did go all out to make their wedding day extra special. The reception was held at RF-80, a studio space in the city.

“Our inspiration was the eclectic city we live in combined with a love for all things imaginative”, began the bride. “We wanted a wedding that wasn’t cookie cutter and that reflected both of our personalities. There were a lot of DIY elements involved. I scoured wedding blogs for my ideas. I also got inspiration from magazines and store windows. I would recommend figuring out what is doable within your timeframe or it can all get overwhelming. Enlist your friends, buy or make some cake, pop open some champagne and get crafting. It saves you money and gives such a personal touch to your wedding. I’d also advise other no not listen to the masses, they will scowl at your ideas, mostly because they’ve either never seen anything like it before or can’t get the proper visual. It’s your day, do what you want.”

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Colourful Californian Ranch Wedding: Jamie & Chris

This colourful ranch wedding winged it’s way to me all the way from sunny California. Held at The Holland Ranch, San Luis Obispo, with all the guests staying at the nearby Madonna Inn, the day was one of colour, fun and a rockin’ good time!

“Our inspiration was to make our wedding as fun as possible and as uniquely ‘us'”, Jamie, the bride, told me. “We knew we wanted to do it in San Luis Obispo because it’s our favorite little town on the coast and would be a destination wedding for our families who live out of town and our friends who live in LA. The Madonna Inn is a special hotel for us and we stay there a few times a year. It’s so fun and funky. And we love that every room was different, we knew it would be a fun part of the experience for our guests. As soon as we found the Holland Ranch and saw all the neon signs and taxidermy on the walls of the party barn, we knew it was our place. Plus, it had the gorgeous mountain-backdrop and cool archway for the ceremony. We loved the idea of having our big day all in one location. And the barn was the perfect back-drop for the party! More than anything, we wanted our guests to have fun and from what we’ve heard, they did!”

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A Californian Ranch Wedding: Natalie & Dave

The ranch location of Natalie & Dave’s wedding helped to set their theme. With crafty DIY details creating a rustic charm, this wedding was one with a real relaxed vibe. The Californian sunshine probably helped as well! “I am not sure what to call our theme really,” began the bride, “because it was outdoors we used berlap, wildflowers and wine barrels which gave it that country feel. But I also liked adding lace, pearls and hanging lights to give it a more elegant look.”

“Throughout the whole wedding process we tried to stay grounded and recognize what the most important part of our wedding was. For us it was that we ended up married by the end of the day, and that people there were having a blast, including Dave and I. Whenever things seemed to overwhelm us we would just remember these two things we were going for. Because of this approach I feel we were both able to completely enjoy our wedding and stay in every moment remembering what is really important.”

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