Balloons, Hearts & Happily Ever After

Did you see this adorable animation that made the rounds of blog land a while back? Well photographer Jessie just sent me the wedding behind the hype…and Jennie & Brian’s day certainly lives up to it!

Balloons before the ceremony, heart shaped loveliness after and a happily ever after. As always, Le SWOOOON!


A huge thanks to Jessie & Whitney for sending these over. MWAH

Credit: Our Labor of Love


  1. Julie in Milwaukee

    AH! I saw the pic of them with the lightbulbs and thought “gee that looks like it’s at Iron Horse down the street”… then I saw the Newlywed Game on the Trocadero table and oh I’ve sat at those tables many a sunday! Was this wedding in Milwaukee??!!! now I’m searching the faces for familiars, but darn it they all have hearts! 🙂
    Yay Milwaukee!!


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