The Most Beautiful Wedding Ever

Stand by, hold onto your hats and behold the post of a million photos! Coined by photographer Noa as The Most Beautiful Wedding Ever (and yes, I pretty much agree!) Zola & Derick’s wedding pretty much lives up to the hype left by their adorable engagement session shot at their home earlier this year.

ps Zola’s vintage dress (from Etsy) makes me want to cry it’s so beautiful…


Thank you SO much to Noa for sending these over to me as soon as she’d edited them, as always, I am truly honoured

ps don’t forget about the trash the dress contest. Get those entries in pronto!

Credit: Featherlove Photography


  1. Amber M

    major {swooning} for the whole thing, but the little owls almost made my head pop off they are so freaking adorable! 😀

  2. I LOVE the flow of her dress. It’s just perfect. That’s what I always wanted. I hate when you look at the rockabilly dresses online and they are stuffed with so many crinolines they stick out at practically a 90 degree angle. You can’t get a feel for what the dress looks like! But this is perfect. I love it.


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