Married as Fuck: A Vegas Inspired Wedding Down Under

Untamed Creative

January 31, 2024

They loved the idea of marrying in Vegas, but living in Australia it was a long way to go, and they really wanted their friends and family there to celebrate with them. So, Jess and Ben decided to bring Vegas to Queensland, inspired by the Vegas weddings they’d seen online.

“The inspiration was to have a party and celebrate”, Jess told us. “Most of our friends. including us, have small kids and rarely get the opportunity to spend quality time with each other and let our hair down.”

“We’ve been to our fair share of weddings and the last thing we wanted was waiting around (for us and the guests) for the next scheduled activity or tradition. To help with this, we got legally married two weeks prior to this event, we then had a good mate conduct our ‘ceremony’. We loved having someone who truly know us help share and celebrate the love and commitment Ben and I have for each other.”

The couple wrote their own vows and had their son up there with them the entire time. “It was a special moment holding Sunnie for the entire ceremony while Ben held up a phone playing The Wiggles, so he was content and not upset.”

The party was where the day really came into it’s own! The dance floor was never empty and guests requested songs all night meaning everyone’s favourites were played. “The dance floor basically turned into a karaoke session!” Jess laughed. “It was amazing, with Fireball shots being circulated on a regular basis.”

“If I could do it all again, I would” she concluded. “I never thought I would love my wedding this much, even with being the centre of attention which I hate. You reflect on the day and realise how many amazing people you have in your life and that’s really special.”