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Alice in Wonderland on Acid Wedding

Alice in Wonderland on acid (75)

There really is no other way to explain Lucy and Benjamin’s wedding. There are Alice in Wonderland weddings… and there are festival weddings… but mash them both together and imagine everyone in attendance has dropped acid and you’re maybe halfway there to how bonkers this wedding was! Their wedding photographer Lee Allen described it as the maddest wedding he’s ever been involved with… and you know what, I can totally see why!

Alice in Wonderland on acid (21)

“We met at a friend’s BBQ and the week after went to Reading Festival together so we wanted our wedding to have a festival feel”, explained the bride. “We wanted people to feel like they had been on a weird acid trip that couldn’t have been real when they left! It sort just took shape over time. We met Hamish Guerrini, the Druid Minister who officiated our ceremony, at his stage, The Rabbit Hole, at Glastonbury two months before the wedding. After we met him we completely changed the wedding theme to include him! We added the tunnels and different rooms for guests to be led into.”

Alice in Wonderland on acid (29)

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Alice In Weddingland – A Brighton Seaside-Themed Wedding: Alice & Graham

Now that I’m writing my final ever ‘Alice in Weddingland’ post I really don’t know where to start.  I am now happily married and honeymooned, and it is the best feeling in the world.  So I shall simply relive that amazing day with you, through this article, and hope that I can convey at least some of the magic that the day held for me.  I hope you enjoy this final instalment: Alice in Weddingland got married!

We booked to stay in the hotel the reception was being held in for two nights, one night prior and then the wedding night itself.  Our room was beyond gorgeous: champagne, chocolates and strawberries waiting for us on arrival, and a bed so big it took FIVE pillows to fill it up lengthways.  There was also a lovely sofa, coffee table, and dressing table, which turned out just perfect for when Elbie arrived at 9.30am to do my hair and makeup.  We had done a trial a few weeks earlier so we knew exactly what we were doing, and it took around two hours from start to finish.  During this time Sassy from Assassynation Photography, Frank from Sassy n Frank videography and Andy from Cine8 all arrived and got to work filming my getting ready, and shooting my dress in all manner of positions around the hotel.  When sassy disappeared with my dress I was of course a little nervous, but when I saw the pictures I knew it was all worth it!  I put in a little ban – no photos or filming before my makeup had been done, because it had been an early morning for me, and a late night drinking with our friends the night before!

Although I didn’t have traditional bridesmaids, my two best friends Lois and Claire were with me the whole time while I was getting primped and preened from all angles.  The helped me into my dress and garter, and even did up my shoes for me (I broke my foot three weeks before the wedding, so had to hobble around the whole day.  Also, suddenly the gorgeous Irregular Choice red shoes Graham had purchased me as a present were so impractical I had to ditch them, and cram my swollen foot into a pair of red Ked plimsolls!)

Once I was all ready, and Graham had called me to say he was we set about orchestrating a lovely mini-shoot within the wedding day.  Sassy had had the idea of photographing our first look (our reactions to seeing  each other all dressed up for the first time) and thought where better to do this then in the reception room that had been dressed by our florist Miss Moles that morning?  So, I limped up the spiral staircase that led to our ‘room in the sky’, and saw Graham standing by the window with his back to me.  When Graham turned around it was such a special moment – he looked beyond adorable, and I knew then and there that I was making the best decision of my life by marrying him.  We explored the room, taking in all the beautiful flowers, giant cupcakes, and sweetie buffet, as well as the photos from our engagement shoot that we had displayed on mini-easels around the place.

We then went to have our portraits taken. We decided to take these photos around the hotel. Lucky for us the hotel was filled with mirrored walls, chandeliers, and quirky old fashioned wooden phone booths so it made for a cute backdrop.  It was so fun just messing around with Graham and our wonder team and it calmed me down quite a lot from the nerves I’d been feeling creep up on me all morning.

A couple of hours later it was time for me to go wait for my wedding car in our room, and Graham to lead the guests down the seafront to the Town Hall.  I can honestly say, those ten minutes I was alone in our room were ten of the most surreal moments of my life.  The beautiful magnitude of what was about to happened to me was really sinking in, and I was so excited I couldn’t contain it any longer. When my Step-Dad arrived at the door to take me to the car I knew I was ready to get married, and I couldn’t bloomin’ wait!

We arrived at the Town Hall around the same time as the guests, and it was lovely seeing our loved ones in all their finery, mingling and getting excited to share our special day with us.  I made a beeline for Graham, and we headed into the building to have our pre-ceremony meeting with the Registrar.  A short while later, it was time for us to enter the room via a side door, as all our guests were already seated.  Regina Spektor ‘Us’ played as we walked through, and I remember seeing everyone’s expectant and animated faces as we took our seats at the front.  It was a lovely feeling.

We opted for a simple and modern set of vows, and the ceremony lasted around twenty minutes.  When it was time to leave, an unorganised sort of receiving line formed, with each guest personally greeting us as they left through the door.  This moment was one of the highlights of my day, as it was so unexpected and meaningful.  We didn’t plan it but it was so nice to say “Hi” to everyone. We only had 30 guests so it didn’t take very long.

As the guests exited the building they were greeted by Hannah from The Tea Set, who while we had been actually getting married had set up a red vintage ice cream trike just outside the door.  This was a huge hit with the guests, and I cannot recommend her enough.  It was quirky yet practical, as everyone likes a little light refreshment!  Also it fit in perfectly with our seaside theme, so I just knew I had to have it!

Graham and I were driven back to the hotel, and the guests walked back along the seafront.  As we walked through the rotating doors of the hotel we were met by the staff greeting us as ‘Mr and Mrs Clark’ and with two flutes full of champagne.  Lovely!  Our guests started filtering in then, so we directed them to the 8th floor, where our reception was being held.  We commissioned Lucy Ledger to design an A2 poster board that we displayed on a giant easel to pop by the entrance to the Chartwell Room, to point guests in the right direction.  Although I don’t see how they could have missed the entrance, and there was a vintage apple crate full of glasses of Pimms right by it!

We had a Pimms and canapé hour, whilst we mingled with the guests and enjoyed everyone’s reactions to the little touches we had put in to make the decoration unique to us.  The sun then came out, so Kat made sure us girls and Graham hit the beach to have some outdoorsy photos taken.  This part of the day was super fun, and the difference natural light makes in a photo is phenomenal.  We then all headed back to the Hilton, for the wedding breakfast.

We opted for a seaside themes buffet, and I must say there was an insane amount of food.  I think we got through little more then half of it!  We didn’t have a seating plan, but we needn’t have worried as everyone found a seat next to whomever they were talking to, and it worked out perfectly.  At the end of the meal Graham and I made a small toast/thank you speech each, and I must say Graham’s utterly trumped mine!  We then opened presents, drank lots of champagne, and cut our giant cupcake!  Another highlight for me was throwing my bouquet, as I had no idea how competitive the single girls at the wedding were going to be!  The action shot photos of this single event are priceless!

We had to vacate the room by 9pm, so at around 8.30pm some guests left, and the rest moved downstairs to the hotel bar with us. Queue a LOT of drinking and stolen cigarette breaks, until at about midnight when the night came to a natural close. (Apart from Sassy and Kat, whom I later found out went out and hit up my favourite Brighton nightclub until 4 in the morning!!)

All in all, it was quite simply the best day of my life.  But don’t let me mislead you into thinking that it all went perfectly…the registrar kept calling me Elizabeth during the the vows, I got chicken satay allll over my one-of-a-kind Joanne Fleming wedding dress, and Graham was such a bag of nerves the whole day he didn’t eat or drink a thing!

You learn though, and I want to stress to you all, that it is the imperfections that make your wedding personal and unique to you.  If you wanted a generic, perfect white wedding then you probably wouldn’t be reading Rock n Roll Bride right now, and it’s important to keep that in mind.

Remember what the day really means: is it a party for a party’s sake, or is it a party to celebrate the commitment you have just made to the love of your life?  By putting everything into perspective you can minimise and bridezilla tendencies, and have the best day of your life.

To all you lucky ladies (and men!) planning your wedding day – enjoy it!  The day itself goes so quickly, so make sure you enjoy every part of the process, because it wont last forever.  And finally, I’d like to say the biggest thank you of all to Mrs Rock n Roll Bride herself: my wedding would have been a million miles removed from the day that it turned out to be if it wasn’t for you.  I hope you know how much you mean to Graham and myself.

I hope you enjoy the photos and the video!

Love, Mrs Clark xxx

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Alice in Weddingland Got Married! – A Little Teaser

Alice & Graham were married on Tuesday in sunny Brighton. The imtimate wedding had only 30 guests and I was one of the lucky few to be invited to join in the celebrations. We ate ice creams, drank champagne and Pimms and wore silly glasses on the beach…

Alice will be writing up her full wedding report when she returns from her honeymoon to Florida in a couple of weeks, but for now…here’s a little teaser for you. How cute?!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Clark!

You can see the rest of Alice’s adventures in weddingland here.

Photography Credit: Assassynation

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Alice in Weddingland – Hen Do Carnage

Never one to turn down a good party, the invite to Alice’s hen night (bachelorette party for my American readers) a few weeks ago couldn’t have been more exciting news. I was all geared up and ready to rock Thorpe Park with soon-to-be-wed Alice and her hens…Reading Alice’s report is a little scary though because I have no recollection of a lot of the late night (early morning!) stories she’s telling. Maybe one too many Cosmo’s maybe? Whoops…

♥  ♥  ♥

It’s set up to be one of the most classic nights of your life…you hear horror stories about it, have to delete the pictures of your Facebook profile so great Aunty Val in Australia doesn’t see them, and overall enter the experience with a sense of trepidation.  I can only be talking about one thing: your hen night.

I say hen night, but the stag do is just as important.  Admittedly a lap-dance limo and copious amounts of semi-naked ladies never appealed to me much, and not just because of typical ‘girly’ insecurities.  I fully DO NOT agree with the sentiment that your hen or stag do is your last night of freedom.  This implies that by getting married you are throwing your best days behind you, and also that nothing counts until ‘I do’.  Well I disagree with both of these sentiments; getting married is going to start the best chapter of my life, and I would never dream of trying to get one final conquest on my hen (although a man in the queue at Thorpe Park did offer me “one final bunk up” before I got hitched. Obviously I was very tempted by such a romantic offer…!)  So while Graham was off at a surprise band practice and bbq on the beach back home with all his old friends, I hurriedly arranged a day at Thorpe Park and a night in the cheapest hotel I could find, which just happened to be the Travelodge at Heathrow Terminal 5! Only the best for my girls…

Five of us met in the Thorpe Park car park, and I was met with a flurry of pink ‘hen weekend’ sashes and a ‘bride to be’ custom made tee shirt courtesy of my art teacher friend.  I also had a wand and a veil.  Now let me tell you straight, at first I found the idea of dressing up in stereotypical hen do paraphernalia simply horrifying.  However, out of the context of a seedy nightclub in Brighton I suddenly found it quite a novel idea.  Also the attention we drew was quite funny, although I’m still reeling from the muppet who shouted “as if she’s getting married”!!

After a day of fun and frolics at the theme park (and a few water rides that Kat was not loving!) we drove to our hotel via Sainsbury’s for an essential booze run.  Champers and pre-mixed Cosmopolitans purchased, we made our way to the hotel and settled down for a drink and a gossip.  I’d booked three rooms for 6 of us (my photographer and now good friend Sassy from Assassynation was meeting us after she finished at a wedding she was shooting that day) but we hung out in the largest one all together.  At this point we had NO plan for the evening, and I’m so glad of this.  We let the evening pan out, and it ended up being beyond classic!  We asked at reception where was nearest to go out for dinner and they told us Windsor.  So, as soon as Sassy arrived we called a cab and made our way there.

Keeping you up are we Alice?

As soon as we saw the castle we knew we were in a whole different world…posh just isn’t the word to describe how out of place penis straws and pink sashes were!  We went for dinner and then followed the masses of beautifully dressed young people until we found a bar called “AllBarOne”.  And let me tell you, it all went downhill from here.  We made friends with a stag party, where the stag just happened to be Peter Jones from the Dragons Den’s little brother (apparently), and the men were all over fifty and incredibly well to do.  However they loved downing Jaeger bombs with me, so we enjoyed their company for a few hours and enjoyed the drinks that followed suit even more!

At around midnight we went on another wander, and came across a bar that had a dance floor and DJ at the back, so naturally we just had to hit it up.  Cue dancing on chairs and feeling like a celebrity as Kat and Sassy both snapped away while I was dancing with various characters. Oh dear, if only this was the end of the night….

Photo bomb!

We headed back to the hotel by 3am, and as we had some alcohol left over from earlier, we kept drinking.  Fast forward 4 hours later and you have a video of me streaking down the hotel corridor, a tee shirt from a random lad we met in the foyer, and one huge mess of a room.  In fact security came and told us off so many times that they even went and got the master key and tried to physically make us leave! (Kat: although secretly I think the guard was enjoying the entertainment…I can’t imagine the Terminal 5 Travelodge usually sees so much action!) However being drunk and more then a little brazen we bolted the door from the inside and hid in the bath tub (yes the bath tub, not even the bath room, the bath tub!) and waited for them to leave.

The next day I had to rush home to Kent for midday where mine and Graham’s families were having a big meal together in preparation for the wedding.  I was feeling very sorry for myself indeed, until I got to Graham’s parents house and found him lying on his bed, curtains closed, in the dark.  I asked if he was okay, and he replied “Well I would be, if I hadn’t come home from the stag without my shoes and half my shorts missing”. Looks like it wasn’t just us girls that got up to mischief!

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Happy Hen Weekend to Alice in Weddingland

Photography Credit: Lisa Jane Photography

I’m getting a little bit sad becuase Alice’s wedding is drawing ever closer…and that means she won’t be my blog intern any more (boohoooo!) However the tears will have to come later because today I’m off on her hen weekend! We’re heading to Thorpe Park for some childish, girlie silliness (the best kind) and afterwards for dinner, drinks (standard) and living it up in a hotel for the night. I can’t wait!

Happy hen weekend lovely Alice…and I promise not to bring any ‘L’ plates or willy straws…well… probably not…

Full report and embarrassing photographic evidence to follow…

Photography Credit: Assassynation

You can read all about Alice’s wedding planning in her ‘Alice in Weddingland’ posts on the blog here.

Alice in Weddingland – Beautiful & Affordable Wedding Flowers

With Rock n Roll Bride columnist Alice’s wedding day drawing ever closer, this month she decided that it was high time to tackle something she was a little nervous about – the flowers! Pretty blooms may not sound too terrifying to some, but as a punky chick who readily admits to not being the ‘flower type’, she didn’t even know where to start. Luckily she found a lovely florist in her home town of Brighton who was not only able to help her find her perfect flowers within budget, but who was able to show Alice that actually flowers aren’t that scary at all.

♥  ♥  ♥

With less then 12 weeks to go everything is (hopefully!) coming together.  Still, there remains a few pieces of my wedding puzzle that need to be organised, and this month I’ve been an absolute bridal machine getting as much sorted out as possible.  Wedding flowers always caused me slight concern when allocating a budget to each element of the wedding, because, quite frankly, I had no idea where to begin! I’d never stepped foot in a florist, and found the ones that I walked past in Brighton quite unapproachable and intimidating.  So needless to say, organising my wedding flowers was not something I was looking forward to.

A few weeks ago I was invited on a girly night out with Kat, Joanne Fleming (my wedding dress designer), photographer Jacqui Mcsweeney and the infamous Lisa Devlin in Brighton.  It was over copious amounts of cocktails that the topic of wedding flowers came out, and Lisa suggested a little florist tucked away on the outskirts of Brighton. One twitter reminder the next day, and I set about googling “Miss Moles Flower Emporium”.  From the website I thought that the flowers looked pretty, but what do I know about flowers?  I knew that it was best that I arranged a meeting with Barbara Mole and went to her shop to see what she had available in the flesh.  So, following a lovely exchange of emails Graham and I set out for the Emporium armed with images of flowers I’d seen in bridal magazines that I’d cut out and scrap-booked that we could use as inspiration, and three retro buckets that we were hoping to use as centrepieces.

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Alice in Weddingland – The Engagement Session

This month Rock n Roll Bride intern and columnist, Alice headed out with her fiance Graham for their very first photo shoot together – their engagement session with photographer Sassy of  Assassynation. The engagement session can often be a bit of a nervous time for a soon-to-be-wed couple, as for the majority of people it’s the first time they’ve had a processional photo shoot. So, this month I asked Alice to tell us all about her experiences and why, when you’ve got your perfect photographer on the job, there really is  nothing to be afraid of!

I am seriously chuffed to share Alice & Graham’s engagement session with you today…seeing these is making me super excited to see their wedding photos too! Also…is is weird that I’m a little bit proud of my Alice when I see these? Awww love…

♥  ♥  ♥

A couple of weekends ago Graham and I ventured into the heart of the Cotswolds, for our engagement shoot.  We drove to Sassy’s house, where she settled our nerves by cooking us bacon sandwiches with cups of tea!  After Graham got to know her a bit (I had met her for the first time the day before at the Designer Wedding Show) we discussed possible ‘venues’ for the days shoot.  Thankfully the weather was beautiful, and we decided that outside would be best, so we could make the most of the natural light.  Sassy explained that the shoot would last around a couple of hours, and that what we did in that time was pretty much up to us.  When she mentioned an abandoned RAF watchtower and runway a few miles from her house I was beyond excited: I am a bit of a War History buff so the thought of being able to include that element in our engagement shoot was amazing!  We got in her car and drove to the tower.

Now all I can say is boy am I glad that I wore ‘proper’ shoes (well, Converse!) as we hiked our way over mud piles and through crop fields to find the watchtower!  When we got there I felt quite nervous and awkward; unsure of what I was expected to do, and uncomfortable at the thought of having my picture taken.  However I soon discovered that the mark of a good photographer is not just based on their technical ability, but rather also in their ability to give artistic direction.  Sassy talked us through each shot, and by the end it became a collaborative effort, with both Graham and myself piping up with suggestions for shots!  I also found that a natural direction evolved, in that I needn’t have been worried about being awkward in front of the camera.  Some couples are great at smiling for the camera, and are comfortable from the word go.  Well, I wasn’t, yet it didn’t compromise the quality of the photographs.  Sassy said that our shoot took more of a ‘moody model’ direction, which I found so funny as I am so far removed from a model its unreal!  It just goes to show, that with the right photographer even someone as camera-shy as me can get great images!

When I was emailing my top three photographers (Emma Case, Lisa Devlin and Sassy) I found that all of them offer engagement shoots in some form or another, either as part of their standard package, or for a couple of hundred pounds extra.  I really urge you all to consider investing a bit more money and going down this route, for a number of reasons.  One, the more comfortable you can become in front of the camera before the W-day itself, the more natural your wedding photos will look.  Secondly, it is an awesome way to get to know your photographer on a personal level, and learn how they work, and what to expect on the big day itself.  Finally, we are having some of the images blown up and mounted to display on easels around the reception venue, making for a lovely talking point for our guests, and a unique way of decorating your reception space.

All of these reasons, in my eyes, are super valid reasons to have an engagement shoot, but above all others, it was so fun! I really felt like Graham and I became friends with Sassy on that day, and when it ended with us sitting by a river outside a pub in a quintessentially chocolate-box village in the Cotswolds it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.  We’re even going to stay with Sass and her husband in April for a mini-break!

So I’m going to let the photos do the talking for themselves.  For a girl who was so nervous and felt awkward in front of a camera I think they’re pretty darn rocking!  And I must stress, that when looking at other people’s engagement shoots its easy to sit there and think “yes this is awesome, but I know ill never look like that in a photo”.  Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! This is exactly what I thought, but I discovered that each couple has their own style and personality, and with the right photographer that style and personality can be translated into truly personal and beautiful photographs. Go for it, I say!!

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Alice in Weddingland – The Engagement Session

This month Rock n Roll Bride intern and columnist, Alice headed out with her fiance Graham for their very first photo shoot together - their engagement session with photographer Sassy of Assassynation. The engagement session can often be a bit of a nervous time for a soon-to-be-wed couple, as for the majority of people it's the first time they've had a processional photo shoot. So, this month I asked Alice to tell us all about her experiences and why, when you've got your perfect photographer on the job, there really is nothing to be afraid of! I am seriously chuffed to share Alice & Graham's engagement session with you today...seeing these is making me super excited to see their wedding photos too! Also...is is weird that I'm a little bit proud of my Alice when I see these? Awww love... ♥ ♥ ♥ A couple of weekends ago Graham and I ventured into the heart of the Cotswolds, for our engagement shoot. We drove to Sassy’s house, where she settled our nerves by cooking us bacon sandwiches with cups of tea! After Graham got to know her a bit (I had met her for the first time the day before at the Designer Wedding Show) we discussed possible ‘venues’ for the days shoot. Thankfully the weather was beautiful, and we decided that outside would be best, so we could make the most of the natural light. Sassy explained that the shoot would last around a couple of hours, and that what we did in that time was pretty much up to us. When she mentioned an abandoned RAF watchtower and runway a few miles from her house I was beyond excited: I am a bit of a War History buff so the thought of being able to include that element in our engagement shoot was amazing! We got in her car and drove to the tower.

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Alice in Weddingland – Wedding Stationery Dramas

When I (used to) hear the words ‘wedding stationery’ I automatically thought of either a) plain and overpriced stationery that you can get on the high-street or b) the hand-made versions I used to make whilst kidding myself I was good at art in school.  And quite frankly, I don’t know which is worse! Looking back on the ‘pre-stationery enlightenment’ Alice I just nod my head sadly… if only I knew then what I know now!  After getting stuck head (and heart) first into exploring various wedding stationery options I feel like the ultimate authority on the subject, and this is largely from the lessons I have learnt along the way. So this is what I’m going to share with you today in this little column, so that hopefully at least one person feels less helpless in the sea of wedding stationery options!I started thinking of my wedding stationery options a couple of months ago, so around seven months before the wedding day itself. And I say ‘stationery’ because it is not just an invite you need to consider. This was my first mistake: not doing any research into appropriate timings for sending out various wedding-related information to guests.  For example, I didn’t send out save the date cards.  Having never been to a wedding myself I had never even heard of save the date cards!  Essentially being a way to let everyone know the date of the wedding (helpful for booking up hotels etc in advance, and planning time off work) a save the date is also a great way to give your guests a glimpse of the theme that’s running through your wedding (and getting everyone talking excitedly about your big day!!)

I only realised that it might be time to look into wedding stationery when Graham and I were talking about our Honeymoon-gift list (more on that topic next month…) and how the deadline for contributions was the middle of March. March! As in, 10 weeks away March! It was only when I read a post on Rock n Roll Bride by guest blogger, and stationer-du-jour Lucy Ledger that I saw all my options clearly for the first time.  Firstly I had to decide: DIY option, or get a company to design it?  My man is an illustrator so he was immediately keen to go down the DIY route, and designed a header that he planned to screen print onto each invitation individually.  This would have been perfect, had it not been for the time scale involved in said production. As we realised how long this would take we had to sadly knock this idea on the head. Graham was gutted, and I felt as if I had failed as a bride-to-be, by not knowing and researching our options at an earlier date.

I then took to my twitter profile and posted a generic question about wedding stationery to my followers. This got a great response, with other brides/industry workers/Mrs Rock n Roll Bride herself all offering their advice. Getting a stream of information on tried and trusted wedding vendors is always reassuring and I immediately got stuck into research. We realised that there was no point in sending out a save the date this late in the game, so decided to go straight for the big-boy: The Invite.  After searching many websites and companies I came across a familiar name… Lucy Ledger.  Following a personal recommendation from the pink lady I contacted her, asking all about the process of ordering one of her pre-designed invites to going down the custom made (or bespoke) route. Her reply was amazing – I have never had such a friendly email from ANYONE! She explained that one option is to order directly from her website any of her main designs (options range from nautical to cherries to a cool-Britannia theme, all with a vintage-chic finish).  I looked into her prices (all advertised clearly on her site-no hidden charges on this one!) and was amazed to see that beautiful and quirky stationary was within our price range.

She also told me that for a fee she could design something completely unique for me, all based on my own theme and ideas. Another great option: You can also carry this custom design through to any other stationery you need, such as RSVP cards, menus, table plans, even mounted poster-boards to adorn the venue!  So I was happy I had found the perfect wedding stationer… but nothing’s ever that simple right?!

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Alice in Weddingland – The Perfect Punk Rock Princess Dress

For most brides-to-be the dress is the number one most important thing they’ll choose for their weddings. In fact in the mind’s of many girls it’s the most important dress they’ll ever wear so getting it just right is key. This month, our resident intern Alice talks about her hunt for the perfect punk rock princess wedding dress…and one that wouldn’t break the bank! (and I’m pretty chuffed that I was able to help her out with that one)

Enjoy, and as always, show some love in your comments…

♥  ♥  ♥

I’ll be perfectly honest with you; a wedding dress was never high on my to-do list when it came to planning my own wedding.  In fact, until I went to the Designer Wedding Show I had never even seen a wedding dress in the flesh before!  Through watching their Designer catwalk show I was able to see examples of all the things that were previously foreign to me, and began to develop my own ‘bridal taste’.  I knew from one look that the Delphine Manivet short dresses were right up my street, and that the Lisa Redman dresses were perfectly whimsical and modern at the same time.  I was like a kid in a candy shop!

I fell in love with the gorgeous short dresses from the Lisa Redman range

Delphine Manivet ‘s dresses are the perfect mix of quirky and classic but with a hefty price tag!

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Alice in Weddingland ~ The Hunt for the Perfect Photographer

It’s time for post number two (well three if you count our impromptu trip to the Designer Wedding Show last month) in the series that is proving to be quite a hit with you lot! This month Alice went on the hunt for the perfect photographer to document her wedding…

♥   ♥   ♥

Photography Credit: Lisa Devlin

When I sat down and wrote my wedding wish-list, getting a top-notch wedding photographer was right up there.  Think what you will, a good photographer was even higher up on my list of priorities then a wedding dress! I figure a dress lasts a day, but the photographs are the memories that will be shared with friends and family alike, and will last forever.  In my eyes a securing the photographer of your dreams is the best wedding investment a bride can make…but where to begin?  If you google ‘wedding photographer Brighton’ you are given hundreds of results, but I found this list to be pretty useless as I really didn’t know what I was looking for.  What are the merits of negotiating a copy-write-free deal on your images?  Reportage or traditional style?  Ten minutes in and I was freaking out; finding the photographer for me seemed like an impossible task.  Then I came across rocknrollbride.com!

Photography Credit: Emma Case

Finding a wedding blog that tapped right into the style of wedding I envisaged was like a breath of fresh air.  I found myself reading the credits at the end of the shoots Kat features and going on that photographers website (fyi: all the british weddings/photographers Kat has featured can be found here).  This way I was able to see the style of photography that I liked, full weddings on their blogs and found myself able to make firm decisions based on whether a particular photographers style would suit what I had in mind.  I also checked out Rock n Roll Bride’s sponsors, as I knew Kat only accepted sponsorship from companies and photographers that she feels are keeping in line with the style of her blog so I felt this was also a good place to look.  This little fact can save you hours of trawling the internet, as effectively she’s done all the hard work for you!

Another top tip I discovered is hitting up the wedding chat-rooms.  Now I know I mentioned this gem in my first Alice in Weddingland piece, but it is one that should not be underrated!  Through following other people’s conversations about photographers in their areas/how much they were being charged etc I got a clear idea of what was a good deal and what wasn’t (however beware of some unfounded bridezilla bitching in some of these chatrooms!)  In fact I actually came across one of my favourite wedding photographers Emma Case this way; I found a link to a male photographers website in the chatroom, so I contacted him and outlined my vision for the wedding.  He then very honestly emailed me saying that he thought his friend Emma would be better for a wedding like mine as it was right up her street!  Lots of Emma’s work has been featured of Rock n Roll Bride (a fact that pleased me A LOT) and I contacted her immediately.

Photography Credit: Emma Case

Now as a bride on a teeny tiny budget I looked at the figures all over the internet about how much wedding photographers charge and I literally gulped.  It’s not that I think they are over-priced (the pressure of having to immortalise a couple’s big day flawlessly is surely equal to the amount they charge?) but I just couldn’t see how I would be able to afford one.  Then I put my business head on!  I emailed my top three photographers – Emma Case, Lisa Devlin and Sassy from Assassynation with a brief outline of my wedding.  I also asked that was there any way of having them shoot for half the standard time and if so would this cost me less?  As I’ve said, I really wanted a great photographer, so figured having my dream photographer for a few hours was infinitely better then having an average one for more.  I got some great quotes back and after much toing and froing finally decided to go with Sassy.  I think it is important to have a natural raport with the person who is going to be right by your side for all the important bits of your wedding, and Sassy and I hit it right off.  Some of her work has been featured on Rock n Roll Bride too, so I was able to check out her work and the style of weddings she shot best before committing to anything.

Photography Credit: Assassynation

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Alice in Weddingland at The Designer Wedding Show, October 2010

A few weeks ago myself and the lovely Rock n Roll Bride intern, Alice, headed to The Designer Wedding show. I asked her if she’d like to write the report for me as I felt that her opinion on the show (as a bride-to-be) would be much more interesting for you..especially those of you who might be a little afraid of the whole ‘bridal show experience.

I’m not going to lie, the big shows can be hella scary – but this smaller and more intimate wedding show is actually very pleasant- there are no scary brides running around with clipboards (give me strength!) or manic and desperate suppliers trying to shove leaflets in your face. Think champagne reception, clean white stalls and super friendly and creative wedding suppliers.

Alice wrote about some of her favourites. Photos by us both (although we were a bit rubbish and didn’t take nearly enough…we were having too much fun to work!)

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So when Mrs Rock n Roll Bride asked me if I was going to the Designer Wedding Show, I was forced to face my biggest wedding fear; the bridal show.  To make matters even more complicated this was no ordinary bridal show-this was the designer version.  Sloany girls with their pushy mums immediately jumped into my head, along with the worry of disapproving looks from snobby vendors as a scruffy tattooed bride to be stopped by to have a look.  Needless to say, I was doubtful that I would fit in, and that in turn there would be nothing there to tempt to (or within my price range!)  However I bit the bullet and told Kat I’d be there.  I bought my ticket online, and booked the day off work.  The countdown was on until D-day; Designer Wedding madness day!

The day started smoothly with the complimentary shuttle bus picking me up from Sloane Street station.  I was pleasantly surprised by the other brides on the bus..aside from the odd exception decked out in their Joules finery, most of them seemed, well, normal. A very pleasant surprise!  The show was being held in Battersea Park, and so a quick journey across the river and we were there.  The first thing that hit me was the pleasant sound of an opera-singing pianist performing, well, I’m not quite sure what exactly what it was, but suffice to say it was along the lines of a jazzed-up Kaiser chiefs style number!  Ha, it was a brilliant start to the day!

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Alice in Weddingland ~ The Venue Search

Well you’ve heard me mutter a little bit about my new intern, the lovely Alice, over the past week or so but now it’s time to properly introduce the lady herself.

I’ve never had an intern before and to be honest the control freak inside of me wasn’t sure exactly what I’d do with one. However when Alice emailed me a few weeks ago to tell me all about her love of media, writing and Rock n Roll Bride and to ask if she could help out in any way, well I just thought “Hey, why the hell not?!” The tattoo magazine photo shoot was coming up so I thought if anything it’d be good to have an extra pair of hands to help the photographer carry his heavy equipment!

Photography Credit: Kristyn  Hogan Photography

Luckily for me, Alice turned out to be as un-stalker-like as possible (the thought did cross my mind..well you never know!) – sweet, excited, passionate about writing and thrilled about planning her Rock n Roll wedding. So for this, a sparkly n spangly new series, I’ve asked the lady herself (who is getting married next Summer) if she’d record her journey for us. On the first Monday of every month Alice is going to tell us all about her recent meanders in Weddingland (see what I did there!?) starting with that elusive venue hunt.

The aim of this series is not to be like the the usual boooooring and uninspiring ‘real bride’ series of someone you can’t relate to in any way. Alice & Graham have a modest budget (just £3000 to be exact) and are hellbent on organising a kick ass Rock n Roll wedding. I’m really looking forward to snooping around their lives hehe.

Show your support for the new girl and leave your comments below!

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When Kat asked me to write a little sommat sommat about my wedding journey I was particularly excited, because I don’t know about you, but I am beyond fed up of reading countless “real wedding” stories that are anything but!  If I see another Vera Wang-clad, Tiffany-ring wearing, bottle blonde beauty stare back at me disdainfully from the pages of a glossy, I seriously might cry.  So this is for all you girlies out there after something a little bit unique, a little bit punk, and a little bit special. I hope you find my wedding-land interesting, inspiring, and very Rock n Roll!

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