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Two-Day, Intimate, Mountaintop Elopement

Sophie Cooke

Vow and Peaks

December 15, 2020

When Virginia and Cody had to postpone their big celebration, they were inspired to do the opposite of a traditional big ceremony. They wanted to take advantage of the perks of a small wedding and do things that you could not do with 150+ people to consider. Despite an intimate celebration, they still had two ceremonies; one for the just the bride and groom, and one for friends and family the day after.

A Great Adventure: Colorado Motorbike Elopement with All Black Everything

Sophie Cooke

Adventure Instead

January 25, 2020

Chris and Kate knew even before they got engaged that they didn’t want a big wedding; instead they wanted a day focused on them and their love, and to rid themselves of all the stress and craziness that comes with wedding planning! When Kate’s mum sadly passed a few weeks before she and Chris were due to get wed, it made them really take stock on what was important, and they ended up cancelling most things they had planned and just went with what felt right.