Intimate & Bohemian, Adventure Wedding

Film&Forest Photography

May 27, 2020

Jazmin and Nate’s romance developed over a couple of years of travel and adventure. They couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate their unity than by doing what they love and sharing it with a small group of close family and friends. 

“This was the most amazing experience we have yet to have together,” explained Jazmin. “We were able to create new memories by exploring Banff National Park & area for the first time with some very special people that flew from all over the US to see us exchange vows. Not to mention, we got to capture all of our first times biking up a mountain, the notorious Moraine Lake, and having the majestic location all to ourselves.”

The whole day was an unplanned surprise, other than when the bride and groom separated to get ready. “Maybe it would’ve been good to understand the local weather a bit better,” said Jazmin, “It was a mighty chilly day. It was probably the coldest day of our trip and all of us were freezing our butts off to say the least – ESPECIALLY me! The wind was crazy and added to the drama that was captured and made the photos even more romantic.”

Their ceremony was at Lake Minnewanka, and they used the expertise of their photographers to help navigate the area. “Since they were from the area they helped us find a location that worked for our group and also found our spot to do our vow exchange. All we had to do was show up. It was a complete surprise when we arrived. Film&Forest even played a song for the bride’s walk down the aisle and a song later for our first dance.”

Nate and Jazmin’s favourite thing about planning their wedding was getting to create their very own experience to cherish for the rest of their lives. “Trusting in the unknowns to provide the experience we envisioned was tough at times,” said the bride, “it was the biggest mystery surprise of our lives! It turned out better than we could have planned it, though – the universe provided the perfect day for us.”